Hanami Kimono Jacket

Spring has finally taken over. Everybody loves this season, right?
Days are getting longer and the sun fills everybody up with new energy and motivation! 

So back again with a new project. Hanami kimono jacket! :-) 

It is a loose fitting open jacket. The pattern itself is made out of very geometric pieces. You can see this more clearly in the last photo at the end of this post.

Unfortunately, I cannot share this pattern with you. I made this one based on a jacket already in my closet. I liked the shape a lot, but the fabric of the original simply did not fit me. So I opted to copy it! ;-) 

The chosen fabric is a linen blend. It is stiffer than the original, which I think fits well to this geometric shape.

Do you ever sew garments based on purchased cloths?
If yes, how do you proceed? I pin foil on the several pattern pieces and track the seams with a marker. How about you?
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