Flora - Pleasure to meet you! By Hand London

Back with something exciting to share! :-) 

The lovely ladies from By Hand London finally released another beautiful pattern called Flora and "YAY", I was one of the lucky seamstresses asked for pattern testing! Thanks Charlotte, Elisalex and Victoria! You ladies rock!

This has been my first pattern testing! So exciting. I really put my best efforts to pay attention on every little step, so that I could give better feedback. Usually, I am more like the quick sewing type of girl. I carefully copy a pattern and then try to sew all pieces together only really reading when definitely necessary. 

Anyway, back to the pattern. Flora comes in 4 variations, actually. You can choose from 2 different sleeveless bodice variations, either faux wrap style or tank bodice with square neckline. And combine with either dipped or straight circle skirt.

I fell for the faux wrap style bodice and the dipped hem circle skirt. 
And here is my 'flamenco' Flora:

The fabric is crepe from John Kaldor. Received this beautiful piece especially for the pattern testing from Susan of SEWBOX. Thank you so much Susan. I love it and will definitely stop by your shop in future again!

Ok, I did not plan to do a flamenco version, but this is pretty much what it turned out to be. And why not? This is definitely one of the spiciest pieces in my wardrobe!

Hope you enjoy it! All thumbs up for Flora!!! Spring is knocking on the door, so why wouldn't you give it a try?
Warm hugs,


  1. Gorgeous!!! I love the fabric you've chosen for this, the red looks great in this style and on you! Susan has a great selection of fabrics doesn't she?

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  2. Ah, so pretty! I'm trying really hard to wait for the Australian stockists to get it (so postage is cheaper) but I think I'm going to crack really soon. All the tester versions are killing me!

  3. It so lovely on you! I really like the back pleats on the skirt and your fabric choice is inspired.

  4. Love it!!! Sassy Sewing Bees https://facebook.com/sassysewingbees ❀

  5. This looks super fab on you! Awesome work :D

  6. Beautiful! That deep red is a gorgeous color on you.

  7. Oh, it's so pretty! Such a fun, flattering dress!

  8. This is so beautiful! I will definitely give Flora a try! Thanks for sharing Nette!

  9. Great color and print choice! You need to go somewhere in that dress!

  10. Wow, stunning dress. You look awesome in it. Great choice of fabric. Interesting to see Flora works well on both drapey and stiffer fabrics.

  11. Gorgeous dress! Great choice of fabric!

  12. Thank you so much ladies for all your wonderful comments. <3

  13. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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