oh la la - Chemisier Berthe

Winter already! Time is flying dear readers. 2013 is soon to end and I am looking forward for 2014 to start. It has been quiet around me for some time, but finally everything is getting better again and I am back on track. :-D

Want to share the only garment I finished during autumn...a summery top!
Anyway, this time it was not so much out of season because I was looking forward to a long ago planned and booked trip to Guadeloupe in November (will share some photos in next post...it was wonderful!).

Back to the top! Found it in a cute French pattern book called 'Made in France - Un été couture'. The pattern is called 'Chemisier Berthe'.

The pattern is quite nice. Although it has no bust darts, it fits well. As you may guess the book is written in French, but let me encourage you. I have had no more French language experience for almost 10 years. Anyway, besides trying to understand the instructions, detailed illustrations also helped a lot.

As usual I went for it without muslin...this time it would have been a help to realize, that this top is shorter than expected. Although I already added 2cm at the bottom, it was still a little short in my opinion. You can see on the photo of the back, that I added another piece of fabric in the end. It is ok, but still a little frustrating... ;-)
On the other hand I have been lucky with the collar. Please have a look how good the fabric pattern of the collar and of the top itself match. The collar pattern is even symmetric! I could say, that I did this on purpose, but honestly, it turned out by chance. :-)

You know about my passion for patchwork fabrics. I use them regularly for garments, even if they are middle weight cotton. Simply love the designs!
This time I was lucky. I found an Anna Maria Horner fabric called 'Tomato Field Study' in rayon. Perfect texture for this top.  

I have been long long gone from the sewing community. So many things to catch up and so many new patterns to discover!
See you soon! 


  1. That book looks really interesting! Love your top, what a great print.

  2. Very pretty! The color and print is very refreshing!

  3. Super cute top! That book is on my xmas wish list :) looking forward to your pics!

  4. Lovely to have you back! This is so pretty. And well done on the collar matching :)

  5. Welcome back! This book is on my Christmas list. It's great seeing bloggers making up the items. Your pattern placement is da bomb!

  6. Love your top and the fabric!!! I want that book! In the blogosphere there are many amazing garments from it!

  7. Nice to see you! This is so cute! I love the fabric you chose-- it looks perfect for a vacation! I'm dying to get my hands on a copy of that book, but it's hard to find in the U.S. So glad to see another make from it!

  8. Love the fabric! I can see this top being so versatile because of the print; you could dress it up with a skirt but it looks so cute with your denim cutoffs too ^__^ Will have to check out that book, even though my French is pretty rusty as well ;)

  9. Such a cool fabric. I really like how you added to the back piece to make it longer. I just thought that was original design.


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