Named - Blair Batwing Shirt

A new independent pattern company - Named
What can I say? I love their simple and clean Scandinavian designs and I am so happy, that finally some Finnish designers joined the community!

First pattern that caught my eye is their 'Blair Batwing Shirt'. I always fall in love with comfy patterns like this one at very first sight.

Loose fitting, wide sleeves and dropped shoulders characterize this very easy pattern.

Is the polka dots era over, yet?...well, I still love them!
So I chose this middle weighted grey jersey with black dots.

Actually, there is not much more to add. As pure and simple the pattern, as pure and simple the description!

Maybe one more thing about the printable pattern itself. I really liked, the way the pattern pieces were overlapping. That saves a lot oft paper! :-) 

And lookie here! Really want to share with you this wonderful piece of jewellery! I found it on etsy at TheAngryWeather. Perfect accessory for all sewing fanatics. BIG LOVE!!!

Have a nice week everybody.


  1. That is lovely! I just recently just got my eye on the Named patterns, and I am intreaged! But I have still not bought any of the patterns... That might have to change now!

  2. Such a lovely piece with clean lines! Epic.

  3. looks gorgeous on you! great job!!

  4. This is beautiful! I just found your blog through Pinterest and I love your projects. Keep up the sewing!

  5. It looks lovely on you. And I adore your necklace ;-)
    Happy Sewing

  6. I love your blouse so much! and the lost button necklace looks so lovely on you! thanks so much for sharing, I'm so happy you are enjoyin it :D xx

  7. Annette! Hisashiburi! Just came by to see how you are doing and found you are making such a pretty clothing! I like you paired it with a baby pink tank top inside. It's time for me to re-start sewing. (Kayo)

  8. Great shirt! I've been waiting to see the Blair shirt made up, it's definitely on my wish list.. Cool necklace too!

  9. The top looks great. You are smart to go for the comfortable patterns. You probably get a lot of wear out of your garments that way.

  10. I have been wanting to try this pattern - It looks so drapey and comfortable! Such a great choice of fabric.

  11. Lovely! And no, the polka dot era is never over ;)

  12. Hi there :)
    Love your blog. Lots of inspiration.
    Have made a blouse inspired by one of yours.
    Have a beautyful day!
    Ellen :)


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