Named - Blair Batwing Shirt

A new independent pattern company - Named
What can I say? I love their simple and clean Scandinavian designs and I am so happy, that finally some Finnish designers joined the community!

First pattern that caught my eye is their 'Blair Batwing Shirt'. I always fall in love with comfy patterns like this one at very first sight.

Loose fitting, wide sleeves and dropped shoulders characterize this very easy pattern.

Is the polka dots era over, yet?...well, I still love them!
So I chose this middle weighted grey jersey with black dots.

Actually, there is not much more to add. As pure and simple the pattern, as pure and simple the description!

Maybe one more thing about the printable pattern itself. I really liked, the way the pattern pieces were overlapping. That saves a lot oft paper! :-) 

And lookie here! Really want to share with you this wonderful piece of jewellery! I found it on etsy at TheAngryWeather. Perfect accessory for all sewing fanatics. BIG LOVE!!!

Have a nice week everybody.


Poncho Smock - Nani Iro

Something new!...I have had this veeeery light weight cotton in my fabric stash for almost a year already. I bought it on etsy, because I loved the various Chinese style paintings on it (view below for a detailed photo). But I always have the same problem with light weight, slightly transparent fabrics. What am I going to do with it?
The idea came while I was sleeping. Yes, sometimes I use to dream of sewing. Have you ever had something like that? Most of the time it is nonesense and I cannot really remember the content. But this time, I woke up and knew I had to get my NaniIro pattern book from the book shelf.

In my opinion, I found the perfect pattern! Poncho smock. Very easy, only 2 pieces pattern. I remember, when I first saw that pattern, I was not very impressed. But now I am so so in love with this, also thinking about how I could perhaps modify it to have longer sleeves for autumn!

Coming back to the blouse...The pattern motif was actually against the straight grain, with fewer illustrations at the top and full motif explosion on the bottom. That is why I decided for a less exciting back.

Look at all the drawings! It has everything I like: parrots, fish, tiger, tea cup...waaaah. And everything combined in one piece of fabric! I am so excited. How about you? Is it overdose?

Have you ever made anything from the Nani Iro Pattern Book? I like their fabrics a lot, but also their patterns (all loose fitting) have something very comfortable. I like the one on the front a lot, too. Remember, I made it two years ago? Time flies girls!!!


Latecomer - Banksia...Nice!

Good Sunday everybody. Hope you are having such a lazy time as I have! ;)

Not that there is nothing to do...but it is fine to keep things slow from time to time, isn't it?
Anyway, at least I have been able to take some photos of my Banksia. Promised already some time before...sigh... but here we go!

The Bankia pattern by Megan Nielsen is available for more than one year already, I guess. I saw lots of versions by my favorite bloggers all arround the world. But somehow it took me quite a while, before I decided to purchase this pattern. Now, I do not regret a thing! The collar is adorable and the whole instructions easy to follow.

Only downside with my version is the delicate fabric I used...I cannot even say what proper material it is. On the bolt, it simply stated 'blouse fabric'...hmm...anyway, it is lightweight and nice to wear, but it is very difficult to handle while sewing. There is definitely some synthetic included, which makes the fabric stretch slightly. This made me crazy sewing the placket. You will well see all the wrinkles arround the placket. I tried that one several times and even ironing did not help.

Anyway, I will wear this one with pride! ;) Next version will be definitely cotton. :D

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday with love, family, friends and good food!!!
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