Dresser painting - Jade

Today I want to share some home craft! 

After deliberating a lot, I finally decided to paint my dresser in jade color. I have had a lot of ideas on mind. For example, covering the whole dresser with fabric, but thinking about dust and things like that, having a traditional paint is simply more practical.

As the dresser was totally untreated, I started with a primer first. 
After two days that was completely dry and I sanded the whole dresser.

Last, I used jade color painiting to cover all visible parts! DONE!

Wow, that sounds so easy, but actually I needed three whole days (without counting days to dry)!!! Further, I should have color painted it, at least, one more time, but  was too lazy. 
I will wait for the color to be distressed. ;)

Have a wonderful sunday everybody!


  1. Absolutely love this, looks really great


  2. it makes a huge difference, it's gorgeous !

  3. What a great color! I love it!

  4. Ooh, covering a dresser entirely in fabric? I love that idea! I'm imagining vintage floral and old brass knobs....

  5. It looks great! That's a beautiful color.


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