Last minute call...and life update

Hey girls...
I know it is high time, but just wanted to leave a short message to those who might have not heard the news, that Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st...TOMORROW! So if you use Google Reader to follow me, consider switching over to Bloglovin'. I have been using it for quite a while already and would personally recommend it! Of course, feel free to use any other reader program you prefer. 
By the way, do you have any recommendation? I would love to know, how you follow your favorite blogs!

Further, a short update about my life. :)

Summer is still to come in Germany, at least I still hope so. We already had 3 really hot summer days (which I had to spend in an exhibition hall for work...sigh)...then it turned cold again...So all my summer dresses, tops, bottoms stayed in the closet so far...but we won't let the weather get us down, right?

Further, I have something new for our home! My father kindly spend a lot of effort and time to fulfill me a little dream! He made me the honeycomb shelves from a beautiful mess
I love them. They are a little smaller than the original to fit our small living room, but they are perfect to display little memories and plants!

Last, but not least I want to share with you my next sewing projects! Caught between summer wishes and more springy reality, I will be up with two new projects the next week.

Tania culottes from megan nielsen patterns.

And an Archer Button up Shirt from grainline! So don't miss out to change from google reader to a new one, if you have not done that, yet!


  1. I'm going for Feedly for now, Bloglovin does not import all my folders... (I follow 500+ blogs so I need my folders). Feedly is by no means perfect, there are a couple of other options that are being developed as we speak (like Reeder). I cross my fingers for a better solution that the ones today.

  2. Oh, ja. Das der Sommer wieder gegangen ist, finde ich auch sehr schade. Ich mag zwar eher die frische Prise. Aber so ein warmer Sommerabend fehlt. Drücken wir mal die Daumen das er bald wieder kommt. ;-)
    Das Regal von deinem Vater ist übrigens wunderschön!

    Liebste Grüße

    1. Danke liebe Dana! Na, jetzt haben wir ja ein paar schöne warme Sonnenabende! :)

  3. I love your rilakumma, so cute!

  4. Clever daddy! The shelves are brilliant!

  5. Yes the lack of summer, The Netherlands have been the same so I know how you feel! I love your shelves, and I'm looking forward to seeing your projects, I just finished the Maritime shorts and I have the Archer as well, but I need to find the right fabric first!

  6. I love the shelves, if I ever redecorate I might have to ask my dad to make me some! Your upcoming projects sounds great, especially those culottes in that fabric!


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