Last minute call...and life update

Hey girls...
I know it is high time, but just wanted to leave a short message to those who might have not heard the news, that Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st...TOMORROW! So if you use Google Reader to follow me, consider switching over to Bloglovin'. I have been using it for quite a while already and would personally recommend it! Of course, feel free to use any other reader program you prefer. 
By the way, do you have any recommendation? I would love to know, how you follow your favorite blogs!

Further, a short update about my life. :)

Summer is still to come in Germany, at least I still hope so. We already had 3 really hot summer days (which I had to spend in an exhibition hall for work...sigh)...then it turned cold again...So all my summer dresses, tops, bottoms stayed in the closet so far...but we won't let the weather get us down, right?

Further, I have something new for our home! My father kindly spend a lot of effort and time to fulfill me a little dream! He made me the honeycomb shelves from a beautiful mess
I love them. They are a little smaller than the original to fit our small living room, but they are perfect to display little memories and plants!

Last, but not least I want to share with you my next sewing projects! Caught between summer wishes and more springy reality, I will be up with two new projects the next week.

Tania culottes from megan nielsen patterns.

And an Archer Button up Shirt from grainline! So don't miss out to change from google reader to a new one, if you have not done that, yet!


Big hugs to BY HAND LONDON...sew sorry for being late...

First of all, thank you girls for following my blog reanimation...I am slow, but definitely catching up! :D

This post shall be a big homage to the girls of BY HAND LONDON. I have been following their start up from the very beginning and as the very first patterns were finished, Elisalex contacted me and asked, whether I would like to try one or even both of their patterns...I was totally excited and asked for both of them. Very feminine shapes on both Elisalex dress, as well as Charlotte skirt, made me fell in love with those two at once.

Then, as you know,...ahhh...so much to do and such few time for sewing made me pause with my passion for months. I felt very bad not being able to provide them any feedback, but the patterns were always on my mind...and finally, I hope Elisalex can forgive me being THAT late, I have finished my first Elisalex!

I found this wonderful fabric from Anna Maria Horner for Free Spirit (cotton voile). Peacock's feathers on orange base..."buy me" it said. :)

Anyway, with full trust in the two ladies and due to only few sewing time, I opted to go for this dress without muslin. I started with the bodice and sleeves, knowing, that I would need to make up my mind concerning the skirt. Recommended for this dress is medium-heavy weight fabric. This totally makes sense in order to achieve a good fullness within the skirt. My fabric is more or less medium-light weighted, so I opted to ad more pleats to the front (all in all 6 pleats; 3 on each side facing the middle).

I also added a waistband to lengthen the bodice. And here I learned a lesson about muslins. Could have added the length to the bodice on a final dress, if I had only tried a muslin beforehand. ;)
Nevertheless, this is not too bad, I think.

What I like most about this dress, is the low and wide back. From other bloggers review, I have learned, that some have had problems with the neckline and shoulders not fitting, at first. I don't know why, but I was lucky, the bodice fit from the very beginning. Seems like I have a BY HAND LONDON bodice. ;)

All in all, this pattern is a dream. Very clear and easy to follow instructions on the technical side and a wonderfully designed pattern envelope on the personal side, make this a must have.

Thank you Elisalex, once more, for this lovely gift. I hope I could meet your expectations! ;)

Have a good week dear readers! Hope the summer has already arrived at your place!
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