Three in a row...

Ha! Another post...with photos taken last year already... ;)

I promised you another asymmetrical hemline project. After Roxanne from Victory Patterns and a self modified BurdaStyle loose blouse, I went for a simple sweater.

I like the 90s almost romantic grunge look of this woolen fabric.

For the pattern I copied a simple loose sweat shirt, made the sleeves more fitted and simply cut the asymetrical hemline right on the fabric...I admit, that has been courageous, as it could have gone bad aswell. So actually, I would rather suggest to cut the hemline on a pattern first and reconfirm, that it fits as desired.

So I welcome spring with this rose sweater! Please stay! :)


Walking the BIG pug...

Oh my...oh my...First of all! I am sooo sorry to you dear readers and to myself.
My last post has been uploaded in DECEMBER?...wow, time flies by...I cannot believe it. But thank you very much, looking at follower numbers, I believe, almost no one has left me. This loyalty is heartwarming!

So where have I been? What have I done?!...walking the BIG pug! ;)...just kidding, but may I introduce you to him anyway?...remember the lil pug?

It is based on the same pattern. Only difference,I asked the copy shop guys to enlarge the pattern by about 400%.

I used leather and sew all parts by hand. This is my first real experience with leather. I liked the relaxed and slow progress...but it is hell to fingers and hands. Hard skin on the finger tips is inevitable!...

Anyway, I think he is a sweet guy. Ok, I admit, his look is a little penetrating...but hey, nobody is perfect, right? ;)

So back to me...as you can easily see, there is snow on these photos. I took them already last year. I even have another prepared post, which I just did not upload, yet, but will upload veeeeery soon!
What came inbetween was...again...life! My little cutest nephew visited us for 2 weeks end of last year. Then in January I have been on a longer business trip...followed by lots of apartment renovation. Finally, I moved with my boyfriend...but it was a long way and took almost 2 months to turn the apartment into our little home. This consumed most of my leisure time after work in the evenings and the weekends. 

Now, I finally feel like everything is getting settled and I am longing to get back to sewing! I hope you are all still out there! I missed you and seek to get back in contact with you.
Thanks and have a wonderful Sunday!
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