Obsessed with BOY...

As announced here comes another asymmetrical hemline project. You might wonder about the title in combination with this blouse. Well, I am talking about the music band boy. In case you live in Europe you might know some of their songs from TV commercials. In case you do not know them, please go and listen!!! They are so energizing and fun. Now you might wonder and what has this information to do with the sewing project?!...well, I saw them live in studio on ZDF and simply fell in love with the singers black blouse...I have been a bad bad copycat. :P Listen to boy and see the original here.

As I have never made a pattern with sleeves (too scary as a project for me), I went through lots of older Burda issues and found the perfect pattern to use as a basis. It is model no.110 in Burda issue 08/2011.

Some smaller alterations were necessary. I opted for an 7/8 arm length and of course changed the hemline from the usual to an asymmetrical one.

I really like the outcome. Loose fitting this blouse has my favourite blouse collar, a stand-up collar. Also I think this blouse is not only casual, but could also work for the office.

While doing this project, I listened to boy all the time. So I am now quite good with singing all their songs along! :D...doesn't mean I sing them well. ;)
Hope to make you a fan of boy too! What do you listen to while sewing? Or do you prefer to not listen to anything and concentrate 100% on the project?


  1. Love it! What a great blouse, I like the fabric and the loose fit.

    I should go out of my sewing comfort zone as well, I think :)

  2. This is lovely my dear and funnily enough I'm making one similar in leopard print for my friend who is a boy in a band :)

  3. Everything you make is gold! This is a very lovely blouse to dress up or down. I love a good stand collar, too.

  4. What a nice top! This looks great on you! I like to listen to old soul music like Otis Redding or Wilson Pickett when I sew-- it always puts me in a good mood!

  5. Nice outfit !

  6. The blouse looks gorgeous! I'm curious to check out Boy though when I'm sewing I get too in the zone and don't notice any sounds around me. Now following you!

    xoxo Lorelai
    Seams Unbiased


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