Featured on Sky Turtle

Some time ago I received an email from Ina from Barcelona. She has a wonderful blog called Sky Turtle about sewing, garment design and pattern making. I have to admit, that I had not discovered her before, but she shares lots of beautiful and interesting things, so please check her out!!!

I was one of 8 lucky bloggers asked to be featured by her. She has done a wonderful job on the post, that made me really blush. Thanks so much Ina for your wonderfully warm words!
If you are interested to discover some new sewing bloggers, please check her post! I was amazed by these beautiful women, who most of them (I have to admit) I had not known before, but love to follow in the future!!!


  1. It's very exciting when you are asked to be featured. Im off to read the post :)

  2. Thank you, Nette for your kindness and your warm words.

    The other day I was looking over some patterns and saw a shirt and thought: this is something Nette would make. I am a big fan of your blog; always an inspiration.


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