Victory patterns - Roxanne

Finally!!! May I blame the weather for having had no sewing project updates until now? ;) There simply was not any chance to take photos outside!
Anyway, here is one of them! You may wonder...hmm, where is this girl living? Shouldn't it be winter in Germany?...yes, it was freaking cold and very very windy!...but I had to seize the few sunrays!

I know, this project is totally out of the season, but I have been longing to sew something from the new Victory Patterns line since it was released and I felt this light weight poly-cotton mix fabric with its soft drape was just perfect for the Roxanne pattern.

At the moment I am totally obsessed with asymmetrical hemlines. I love the look of this and I can tell you there are two more projects (hopefully) coming up soon, which will be alike!

Anyway, it was the collar of Roxanne which made me most curious about this pattern. I had never seen anything like this before and love how it makes such a loosely fit blouse look sophisticated.

The back includes several deep pleats. From my experience (especially with Japanese patterns) I was afraid, that this fullness would make this top look like a nightgown. BUT this pattern put me right! Due to the soft drape it just adds fullness. Guess I have to pay more attention to the fabric recommendation of pattern instructions! ;)

I am curious about you! Do you always base your decision for a new sewing project on the present season?


Morocco - Photo Diary

Dear readers,
I am still struggling with a higher regularity of new posts! I will improve! I think, that there has been missing something in my life during the last few months and it is not ok to let life come in between all the time. I miss the dialog with you and I miss sewing...so I want to be more active again. But first of all, in this post, I would like to share some pictures with you!

Remember I cancelled the hotels in Morocco? Luckily, we did not rearrange the flights at that time. We decided to observe the news and situation and finally were convinced, that it should be ok to go there.
It was a beautiful and good experience. Definitely different from any other country I have been so far. We stayed there for seven days spending half of that at the windy sea in Essaioura and half in vibrant, loud and multifaceted Marrakesh.

From a seamstress point of view, unfortunately, it was not such a lucky trip...can you imagine, that I did not buy any fabric?! Somehow I just could not find anything, that I desperately desired to have in my stash...anyway, brought lots of impressions and a carpet (!) back from Morocco and enjoyed some time away from daily life. :*

Have a good week everybody and see you soon!!!

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