So maybe next year...

Finished my second piece of MeganNielsen's pattern last weekend. It is the Kelly skirt!

Actually, this garment was meant for my vacation. My boyfriend and I planned and already booked one week Morocco for the end of October 3 months ago. I was so so looking forward to spend a night in the deserts under a sky full of stars, to ride camels and to explore the souks of Marrakesh with all its fabrics, leathers etc....and not to forget, eat all those wonderful dishes...but due to the current situation we just decided, maybe not to go there this year. I am really not a person, who is afraid to travel even less familiar countries, but this might be a situation we just cannot assess. So maybe next year... :(

Anyway, due to the region this skirt was meant for, I opted for the Kelly skirt in a longer version. I used very light weight cotton (for hot weather) and chose some contrasting buttons made of wood.
The pattern was fun to use. Very good for beginners, but also relaxing for more advanced seamstresses, I would say!

Bad luck this year! At least I have a new skirt and hopefully we can manage to rebook. Really need to go somewhere with warm climate...maybe Grand Canary, Tenerife, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote? Any suggestions?

Wish you a good week everybody. Hope you enjoy beginning of autumn!


  1. Love your Kelly skirt. It looks great in the longer length. This pattern is on my fall to-sew list.

  2. I hope that you don't let the media frenzy over protests in Muslim countries ruin your trip. More people have protested last week in Portugal and Spain last week over austerity, and about 10x as many Catalonians just marched for independence. It's a situation that is totally overblown in the mainstream media, and as long as *you* aren't protesting, I think you would be perfectly safe!

    By the way, I love your blog and your sewing skills too, sorry to make such a comment, but I can see that you would cancel a lovely trip because of the tendency of western media to paint all Muslims and Muslim countries with the same 'crazy' brush ;)

  3. Oh, this looks so pretty on you! I'm really sorry about your vacation plans-- I hope you are able to reschedule soon. :(

  4. Sorry to hear your vacation got cancelled but on the plus side you look super tall in the skirt. XD And btw OpenID is malfunctioning more than usual today (this is my fourth attempt to comment and if it fails I'm going to give up. Any chance of your installing disqus?

  5. This is super cute and looks the part for a desert trek! Sorry yo hear your trip is cancelled :( I hope you get lots of wear out of your rad skirt!

  6. Love this skirt! I've been wanting to try Megan Nielsen patterns too, but the prices + shipping are so high... maybe for Christmas I'll treat myself

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your trip!! That really is such a bummer :(

    On the plus side - i love your Kelly skirt! It looks so cute below the knee - and the green is gorgeous!

    I can see you getting lots of wear out of it! yay!

  8. Love the wood with green. It looks wonderful on you!

  9. Morocco?!!? That sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I'm sorry that you couldn't get there this year but better be safe than sorry, right? Regardless, the skirt is a smash hit!

  10. Nice skirt! If it's your first trip to Canary Islands I recommend you Lanzarote, I was born in Gran Canary but I love Lanzarote! Have a nice trip!

  11. this is so nice! lovely to see it in a longer length too! I went to marrakesh in 2010 and it was lovely. you will like it if you get to go in the future. :)
    Apart from that Gran canary is always great to go to or portugal although it is getting colder there now.
    Hopefully you find somewhre to wear this gorgeous skirt! :D


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