Dear Autumn,

I heard you are just around the corner. Just wanted to say, that you are welcome,...but please spare us too many wet and cold days! Be mild, sunny and give us some opportunity to enjoy the falling leaves turning red, yellow and brown on long beautiful walks.

Made up this knit shirt for upcoming autumn using a pattern from a garment I had in my wardrobe. This knit fabric is very lightweight, thus my invocation to Autumn! ;)

Actually, I have been lazy on sewing a button-facing. You might not see from the photo, but it is faked! Just sew the button-facing onto the front part and added the buttons on it! ;) 
Due to the wide neckline, I wouldn't have needed it anyway!

Luckily, I had some fabric remnants and thus made up this simple slouchy cap. I love this pattern! Really have to make up some more for autumn and winter.

So how are you preparing your self-made wardrobe for autumn? Kindly leave me some links! I am curious to see what you are up to and get some inspiration for mine!


  1. Love your shirt and the fake button stand is a really good idea. Why not go the simple way if you will never have to open the placket anyways :)

    I just posted pics of a really warm stripey sweater I made last year and am thinking of making more using the same pattern but different fabric :)


  2. That is one cute top - love the colour combination involved.

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous shirt. That fabric is really unique.

  4. you may not believe me but I really love this shirt. The print is super cool but the silhouette is very simple - a henley. Something about henley's remind me of lazy autumn days. Same for you?

    And yes, I'm hoping this fall is a beautiful one!

  5. with an ode to autumn such as your shirt, surely he will smile and be kind to us... it's adorable!

  6. Oh, this is so sweet! I love your cap, too!

  7. Love the top, the style is really nice. In ireland you have to prepare for Autumn early so I made a coat here's the link-> http://bluesewncat.wordpress.com/2012/09/09/583/

  8. Oooooh! I love this top. The fabric is fantastic! It's not something that I would normally gravitate towards, but I absolutely love what you've done with it.

  9. Hi Nette,
    The knit top is just lovely lovely~ It seems very soft and comfy. Here is some cooler weather cothing *but for kids :) Hope it still inspires u though. Love mia~


  10. I really like the shirt. The fabrics and buttons all go so well together and it looks perfect for fall. The hat is a great touch!


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