Dear Autumn,

I heard you are just around the corner. Just wanted to say, that you are welcome,...but please spare us too many wet and cold days! Be mild, sunny and give us some opportunity to enjoy the falling leaves turning red, yellow and brown on long beautiful walks.

Made up this knit shirt for upcoming autumn using a pattern from a garment I had in my wardrobe. This knit fabric is very lightweight, thus my invocation to Autumn! ;)

Actually, I have been lazy on sewing a button-facing. You might not see from the photo, but it is faked! Just sew the button-facing onto the front part and added the buttons on it! ;) 
Due to the wide neckline, I wouldn't have needed it anyway!

Luckily, I had some fabric remnants and thus made up this simple slouchy cap. I love this pattern! Really have to make up some more for autumn and winter.

So how are you preparing your self-made wardrobe for autumn? Kindly leave me some links! I am curious to see what you are up to and get some inspiration for mine!


So maybe next year...

Finished my second piece of MeganNielsen's pattern last weekend. It is the Kelly skirt!

Actually, this garment was meant for my vacation. My boyfriend and I planned and already booked one week Morocco for the end of October 3 months ago. I was so so looking forward to spend a night in the deserts under a sky full of stars, to ride camels and to explore the souks of Marrakesh with all its fabrics, leathers etc....and not to forget, eat all those wonderful dishes...but due to the current situation we just decided, maybe not to go there this year. I am really not a person, who is afraid to travel even less familiar countries, but this might be a situation we just cannot assess. So maybe next year... :(

Anyway, due to the region this skirt was meant for, I opted for the Kelly skirt in a longer version. I used very light weight cotton (for hot weather) and chose some contrasting buttons made of wood.
The pattern was fun to use. Very good for beginners, but also relaxing for more advanced seamstresses, I would say!

Bad luck this year! At least I have a new skirt and hopefully we can manage to rebook. Really need to go somewhere with warm climate...maybe Grand Canary, Tenerife, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote? Any suggestions?

Wish you a good week everybody. Hope you enjoy beginning of autumn!
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