Whooohooo, 3 posts in a row! :D
Found this supercute fabric 'Giant Octopi' by Heather Ross. Do you recognize the pattern I used?

It is the dress on the cover of BurdaStyle (08/12). Their mint version is just wonderful!

I really love cap sleeves and cloth that emphasize the waist! As I have far too many dresses (cannot catch up wearing them) I opted for a shorter shirt version.

Hopefully, this shirt turns out wearable. Could be a little tooooo cute?!

Have a lovely day everybody!


In the mood for levitation

As promised my latest sewing project!

Trying to levitate like Natsumi

I really had a hard sewing drought for the last few weeks. I simply lacked inspiration. I saw lots of wonderful sewing pattern I would love to try, but couldn't find ANY fabric I liked. That was really frustrating. I watched out locally and regionally through the fabric stores and even my good friend the internet couldn't help!

Finally I went for our local quilt fabric store and found what I was longing for! Amy Butler's Grass Chinese Lanterns fabric saved me!!! I love the green fresh colour and the lantern pattern. Though it is titled to be Chinese, I would have proposed this to be an African inspired pattern...hmm, anyway this bold print needed a simple loose blouse pattern with less darts, etc.

I found the pattern in a Japanese book called 'Sweet dress book'. It is the blouse on the cover.
A loose fitted blouse with 6 bold darts on the front upper bust. Easy and fast project with super comfortable fit! I would highly recommend this blouse for beginners. It is a fun project with no potential for frustration!

Hope you are still with me after my long sewing pause! As promised another sewing project will follow within this week!!!  So stay tuned! ;)


What happened in the meantime...oona, haldern, summer...

Shame on me! Again over one month since my last blogpost!
Anyway, summer has arrived and no one can be blamed for spending more time outside, right? ;)

So in today's post I would like to justify myself and let you know how I spent my time without sewing. Before there will be at least two new sewing projects in the upcoming week!

1. I received a wonderful surprise by Oonaballoona! Remember my 'Pay it forward' mission in last year? Oona took part and I sent her a little something. Luckily she decided to make me one of her chosen ones! As such she 'paid me back'. And as I opened her little parcel I was just like: "wooooohoooo!!!" :D

Three fancy beautiful self made fabric bracelets, lots of funny iron on tags and a super super super cool music compilation, which has become one of my best friends while driving to work!
Oona, if you read this, THANK YOU!!! I love your package! 

2. I finally found the antique looking hand clip I was looking for!!! I found one of them on Etsy and one on a fleamarket so far. But both tooooo expensive. Finally, there had been a good offer by another Etsy seller.

This hand can be attached to a wall and then paper, brochures, tickets, etc. can be clipped by the hand. I do not know why, but I simply had to have this one!!!

3. Last weekend I joined Haldern Pop 2012. Remember I went there last year? This year was more lucky! 4 days full of sunshine (last year 4 days full of rain!), beautiful music and beautiful people. 
If you are not into participating large music festivals with huge crowds, I can only recommend Haldern Pop!!! It is consciously kept small, held on farmer fields on the countryside and the atmosphere is totally relaxed! I am pretty sure, it is because of that, that they as a small festival succeed to invite and present music bands from all over the world.

My favorite bands of this year and recommended from my side: Dan Mangan (Canada), Tune Yards (US), Two Door Cinema Club (Ireland) and Phillip Poisel (Germany).

4. I had lots of delicious food...ahh, I know it is so Asian to take photos of one's food. But sometimes I just cannot resist! ;)

5. And I enjoyed spending time in nature! This summer I tried several paddling sports from kayaking up to stand up paddling. Dear readers, I have never felt so much relaxation as with SUP! Strongly recommended!

That's what happened in the meantime! Thanks for being so patient! Next sewing outcome will come up tomorrow!!! Have a lovely sunday!
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