Vichy & Tralala

I am still way behind with my postings!!! Anyway, today I have got something I wanted to share for a while already.
Some weeks ago I got a lovely email from a reader inviting me to watch a video on her blog. I was left speechless while doing that. Kindly see for yourself and you might understand!

Black Dress from Aurélien Le Bourhis on Vimeo.

Did you recognize? Vichy & Tralala (isn't that name just lovely?!) made a video about her little black dress which she sewed based on my candy sundress pattern! I love it!!! Beautiful girl in a beautiful dress surrounded by beautiful atmosphere and music! Merci beaucoup!!! ♥

And now kindly jump over to her blog! Looking at her wonderfully sewn dresses is a real eye candy, even though you cannot read French!

Have a wonderful week everybody and see you soon!


  1. Wow I love it! Short and sweet..leaves you wanting more.

  2. I giggled at the Wes Anderson style-ripoff (how will she show the shoe wearing shot without revealing undies?!! -From an angle!! Gasp!) but the rest of the blog is pretty cool- I love her colour scheme. Thanks for sharing. XD

  3. What a surprise this morning to read your article!! Thanks a lot! That's lovely!! Thank you also for your daily inspiration on your blog!

  4. WOW, this dress is gorgeous. And impressive, that it is from your's dress pattern, congratulation:) I am huppy for You:)

  5. Hello! It's fun that you post this, because I discovered your blog and started to follow it thanks to this dress she made. ^^ She posted it on a french sewing community website, where I saw it. I found it really nice and from there went to check your blog, which I liked very much. I find your clothes patterns/tutorials very cute. Congratulations on inspiring a video! :)

    1. Thank you Lholy-chan! :D
      I hope I can bring lots of other projects, which you might like too!!! Have a lovely day!

  6. Super gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks great all in black too :)



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