Finally...Nani Iro meets Megan Nielsen

Tadaaaaa! Sorry for having kept you waiting so so long! Luckily, weather turned a little warmer these days, so here we go!

Thank you all so so much for your lovely feedback and input! This was so heart warming and really re-motivated me to work on this dress again.

There have been some wonderful ideas!
Some of them easier like simply adding another button or wearing a camisole underneath! ;)
Unfortunately, these did not work because the neckline was not only low, but really wide all around.

Others were more tech- nically complicated, like adding a scalloped or ruffled neckline.

I really loved the idea of a lace neckline, but was unsure because of the extreme print. Thus I had the feeling that this could be a little over- whelming to me.

In the end I opted for a simple creme colored additional neckline sewn into the dress.

It turned out way better than before and is totally wearable now, but somehow it still is a little unfitted...sigh...I guess it is the fate of the overambitious seamstress to always find something not perfectly done! Anyway, this project is done and I can surely live with the result! :) 

By the way, coming up next: a Chloe dress by Victory Patterns, a BurdaMagazine copycat bubble dress and yet another dress by DrapeDrape. Oh, I hope for a long and warm summer!!!

Wishing everybody a wonderful and sunny weekend!!!

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