Turquois - inside and outside

These days I came to realize, that my fabric color preference might reflect the mood I am in. At the moment, I am totally into turquois. So I did some research about the meaning of this color and this even strengthened my thinking.

Turquois stands for:
  • clarity of thought
  • better contact and communication
  • harmony and calming down
  • self-confidence
Anyway, today I would like to present two new garments I made during my winter sleep. ;)

First, a short turquois colored linen jacket with scalloped decorative screens. 
By the way did you see Tilly's Betty Draper Suit Jacket back in 2010? Once I finished my project, it totally reminded me of her post back then. You should really check out her jacket, which I fell in love with at first sight!

Anyway, back to the version I went for. You can find it in burda magazine 06/2008 (model 102#). It is a short length, slightly tapered jacket with 3/4 long sleeves.
Three details I love about this jacket: 
  • three tucks on each sleeve
  • it has no collar...somehow I don't really like collars on me, lately...
  • the cute scalloped decorative screens...which somehow reminded me on the decorative screens I have attached on the Ruche Boxy Jacket back in January 2011

Second, I also made a matching blouse using light weight cotton. The floral pattern of the fabric somehow reminds me on Art Nouveau style by Alphonse Mucha (though not THAT great, of course. :D )
However, I used a blouse I already had in my wardrobe to make this pattern. I really like its simplicity. You see, the whole blouse is made of 2 pattern pieces only, meaning the sleeves are integrated in the front and back pattern pieces.

Special detail on this blouse is a triple fold on the left side of the front.
It took me some time to figure out how to integrate this additional fabric into the pattern and in the end the solution turned out to be utterly easy!

So if you have a simple pattern like this and would like to add a triple fold to give it a little pizzaz, simply cut the front pattern piece straight from the bottom to the top at the line you intend to include the triple fold. Then, add a rectangle between both pieces with a width you intend to make the folds. That's it! Ahhh, I felt so stupid spending so much time thinking about it. ;)

By the way, I wonder about your favorite color this spring?! Please let me know!

Have a lovely day!


  1. I really love turqoise too! Your stuff is lovely! And the things you made go so well together! :)

  2. Thanks for the info, I have been wanting to add a fold detail to a blouse like that for a while now!

  3. Winter sleep definitely did you good. ;)

  4. You jacket is gorgeous!! That color looks wonderful on you and the little scallops make it so special!

  5. I love your turquoise jacket!!! I have that Burda issue... I may just have to go ahead and make it. So cute on you :o)

  6. The jacket is beautiful! The blouse is lovely too - I really like the fold detail. I'm thinking deep dark pink for spring!

  7. Your sewing is so inspiring!

  8. Zu deinem Gefühl mit den Farben gibt es auch in der Homöopathie eine Theorie. Ich find das ziemlich plausibel, Farben sind etwas so extremes, wenn sie uns beeinflussen können, wie ja bei Studien herausgefunden, dann macht es doch nur Sinn, wenn man sich mit Farben mehr oder weniger umgibt, die dem eigenen Gemüt nahe sind und gut tun oder sich zumindest nicht damit in ständigem Konflikt befinden. Die Bluse gefällt mir total gut! FRÜHLING! : )

  9. Am lovin turquoise, peacock blue, cyan and cobalt pr any other shade of blue.Love blue period. Dying to make a tiered maxi. One day . . .

  10. The scallops add such a great touch. Gorgeous jacket. So springy!

  11. What an adorable jacket! You chose the perfect fabric for it!
    Now I'm so jealous I don't have that Burda issue! Why don't they do such fun patterns anymore?

  12. lovely items, and turquoise is such a perfect springy colour :) I'm all about the popsicle pink and orange lately :)

  13. The turquoise jacket is sooo cute! I love the scallops and the side seams on the sleeves, they give such a nice finish! And congrats for choosing this color, it suits you well! :) It's a pity I don't have this Burda issue...

  14. Beautiful! I love the scalloped panel on your jacket, so pretty!
    I seem to be fascinated with navy&white polka dots lately. Not very specific to spring, but what can I say...? ;)

  15. This is so pretty! And you look beautiful in turquoise. Thanks for mentioning my Betty Draper jacket, that's so sweet of you.

  16. Ohhhh that fold detail on the top is awesome. Love it!

    My spring colour? Grass green. I seem to have a lot of it in my stash, anyway. :)

  17. So so cute! This is gorgeous, and you look so cute in turquoise! Great job!

  18. Blue is always lovely fro springtime, and the fabric for that top is amazing I've been really into yellow lately...

  19. Both of your pieces are so well made and constructed. I especially love the detailing on the jacket! Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, and I'm trying to make a couple springtime garments with it, too.

  20. Beautiful jacket! I hunted down that issue on ebay just for that pattern, but still have yet to make it.

  21. I had forgotten all about this jacket. yours is so lovely and in my favorite color too. :) I'll have to find my copy and see if I have it traced! I suspect I did in fact get that far!

  22. I love this! The scallops are SUCH a nice touch!
    How did you finish them so beautifully may I ask?

    1. Hi Kessem!
      Thanks a lot!!!...waaah, how did I manage? With lots of patience and ironing! ;)...most importantly is, not to have too much seam allowance and to regularly clip the seam allowance! Hope this helpd!!!


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