DIY Gift Voucher for a self-made garment

Bow blouse on a little copper hanger and self-made little boutique like carry bag
Promised you an inspiration regarding a DIY Gift Voucher for a self-made garment in this year's first post. 

A little late, but here it comes. I have used this idea twice this year already and it seems, that both recipients were quite happy with it!

So the idea is very simple. I sew tiny, little garments with hand (see how tiny they are in relation to the pug).

The voucher on the left was for a female friend. She really liked my big bow wanderlust blouse and thus I decided to make one for her, too. 
Good thing with this voucher is, that you already have a little handmade item to really hand over on the recipient's birthday AND that the recipient is able to choose the fabric on her/his own. I mean, wouldn't it be a pity, if you as a seamstress put great efforts into the accomplishment of a self-made garment, just to find out in the end, that the recipient isn't into the color of your chosen fabric? 

Below you see the voucher for the male friend. This was a little more problematic because I didn't know, at all, what kind of garment he would like. So I made him a selection of 3 garments (cardigan, anorak, shirt) and wrote below 'voucher for a garment of your choice'.

I think it is all about the little details, which make these vouchers really cute and special. For example, the little copper wire clothes hanger (really easy to bend), the little labels or the little beads pretending to be buttons.

So, if you do have some time to spare, this might be a good idea for a dear friend of yours, too.

Hope you liked it and wish you all a beautiful and lovely sunday!


Turquois - inside and outside

These days I came to realize, that my fabric color preference might reflect the mood I am in. At the moment, I am totally into turquois. So I did some research about the meaning of this color and this even strengthened my thinking.

Turquois stands for:
  • clarity of thought
  • better contact and communication
  • harmony and calming down
  • self-confidence
Anyway, today I would like to present two new garments I made during my winter sleep. ;)

First, a short turquois colored linen jacket with scalloped decorative screens. 
By the way did you see Tilly's Betty Draper Suit Jacket back in 2010? Once I finished my project, it totally reminded me of her post back then. You should really check out her jacket, which I fell in love with at first sight!

Anyway, back to the version I went for. You can find it in burda magazine 06/2008 (model 102#). It is a short length, slightly tapered jacket with 3/4 long sleeves.
Three details I love about this jacket: 
  • three tucks on each sleeve
  • it has no collar...somehow I don't really like collars on me, lately...
  • the cute scalloped decorative screens...which somehow reminded me on the decorative screens I have attached on the Ruche Boxy Jacket back in January 2011

Second, I also made a matching blouse using light weight cotton. The floral pattern of the fabric somehow reminds me on Art Nouveau style by Alphonse Mucha (though not THAT great, of course. :D )
However, I used a blouse I already had in my wardrobe to make this pattern. I really like its simplicity. You see, the whole blouse is made of 2 pattern pieces only, meaning the sleeves are integrated in the front and back pattern pieces.

Special detail on this blouse is a triple fold on the left side of the front.
It took me some time to figure out how to integrate this additional fabric into the pattern and in the end the solution turned out to be utterly easy!

So if you have a simple pattern like this and would like to add a triple fold to give it a little pizzaz, simply cut the front pattern piece straight from the bottom to the top at the line you intend to include the triple fold. Then, add a rectangle between both pieces with a width you intend to make the folds. That's it! Ahhh, I felt so stupid spending so much time thinking about it. ;)

By the way, I wonder about your favorite color this spring?! Please let me know!

Have a lovely day!


Winter Sleep - It's time to get up!

Lovely readers and friends,

Waaah, it has been over 2 months since my very last post. During that time and especially in the last two weeks, I received mails from some of you, worrying about whether I am still there.

I am so sorry for having let some of you worry, but honestly speaking, it was also heart-warming to realize that a few people from all over the world spend a moment to give thought to me. Thank you dear readers. That was a great and welcome support.

So how can I apologize this long winter sleep like break?!

Well, a lot has happened in this no longer brand new year 2012. First, life brought me to my knees and there were some obstacles to meet and some lessons to learn. Anyway, everything turned out to be ok and even better than I had hoped. So I got back on track the last 3 weeks and am highly motivated to meet all new and unknown challenges, which are about to come up in my life.

Finally, I can tell you about the beautiful changes in my life! There have been several 'first times' since my last post! First of all, I became a proud aunt of a lovely little baby boy!

Isn't he sweet?! I am so longing to see him. Unfortunately, he lives in Taiwan, so that I will have to wait a little until I can hug and cuddle him. At least, I get a new photo of him everyday from my lovely sister-in-law. :D

Second, I went on a short trip to Belgium for the very first time. It is such a shame, that I haven't been there before as it really isn't that far away from the place were I live.

We went to Antwerp, admired the beautiful architecture, enjoyed the great shopping opportunities and even got some cultural education at the Rubenshuis.

On our last day we went to the Belgian sea. You need to know, that I LOVE the sea. Ok, I don't know anyone who doesn't. ;)...anyway, I need to go to the sea, at least, once a year. It it just a wonderful place to arrange one's ideas.

Last but not least, I am now a proud owner of my very first car! Yay!!! :D
You see, lots has happened and kept me busy! However, I did manage to sew from time to time and hopefully be able to share my little projects in the upcoming days.

Left you see one of my first projects this year. Awaiting spring I made this loose fitting blouse with a floral fabric leftover. 

Do you remember for which project I used this fabric before?
Here is the answer. ;)

Thank you so much for your loyalty! More is to come up soon! Have a lovely day everybody!
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