Obsessed with BOY...

As announced here comes another asymmetrical hemline project. You might wonder about the title in combination with this blouse. Well, I am talking about the music band boy. In case you live in Europe you might know some of their songs from TV commercials. In case you do not know them, please go and listen!!! They are so energizing and fun. Now you might wonder and what has this information to do with the sewing project?!...well, I saw them live in studio on ZDF and simply fell in love with the singers black blouse...I have been a bad bad copycat. :P Listen to boy and see the original here.

As I have never made a pattern with sleeves (too scary as a project for me), I went through lots of older Burda issues and found the perfect pattern to use as a basis. It is model no.110 in Burda issue 08/2011.

Some smaller alterations were necessary. I opted for an 7/8 arm length and of course changed the hemline from the usual to an asymmetrical one.

I really like the outcome. Loose fitting this blouse has my favourite blouse collar, a stand-up collar. Also I think this blouse is not only casual, but could also work for the office.

While doing this project, I listened to boy all the time. So I am now quite good with singing all their songs along! :D...doesn't mean I sing them well. ;)
Hope to make you a fan of boy too! What do you listen to while sewing? Or do you prefer to not listen to anything and concentrate 100% on the project?


Featured on Sky Turtle

Some time ago I received an email from Ina from Barcelona. She has a wonderful blog called Sky Turtle about sewing, garment design and pattern making. I have to admit, that I had not discovered her before, but she shares lots of beautiful and interesting things, so please check her out!!!

I was one of 8 lucky bloggers asked to be featured by her. She has done a wonderful job on the post, that made me really blush. Thanks so much Ina for your wonderfully warm words!
If you are interested to discover some new sewing bloggers, please check her post! I was amazed by these beautiful women, who most of them (I have to admit) I had not known before, but love to follow in the future!!!


Victory patterns - Roxanne

Finally!!! May I blame the weather for having had no sewing project updates until now? ;) There simply was not any chance to take photos outside!
Anyway, here is one of them! You may wonder...hmm, where is this girl living? Shouldn't it be winter in Germany?...yes, it was freaking cold and very very windy!...but I had to seize the few sunrays!

I know, this project is totally out of the season, but I have been longing to sew something from the new Victory Patterns line since it was released and I felt this light weight poly-cotton mix fabric with its soft drape was just perfect for the Roxanne pattern.

At the moment I am totally obsessed with asymmetrical hemlines. I love the look of this and I can tell you there are two more projects (hopefully) coming up soon, which will be alike!

Anyway, it was the collar of Roxanne which made me most curious about this pattern. I had never seen anything like this before and love how it makes such a loosely fit blouse look sophisticated.

The back includes several deep pleats. From my experience (especially with Japanese patterns) I was afraid, that this fullness would make this top look like a nightgown. BUT this pattern put me right! Due to the soft drape it just adds fullness. Guess I have to pay more attention to the fabric recommendation of pattern instructions! ;)

I am curious about you! Do you always base your decision for a new sewing project on the present season?


Morocco - Photo Diary

Dear readers,
I am still struggling with a higher regularity of new posts! I will improve! I think, that there has been missing something in my life during the last few months and it is not ok to let life come in between all the time. I miss the dialog with you and I miss sewing...so I want to be more active again. But first of all, in this post, I would like to share some pictures with you!

Remember I cancelled the hotels in Morocco? Luckily, we did not rearrange the flights at that time. We decided to observe the news and situation and finally were convinced, that it should be ok to go there.
It was a beautiful and good experience. Definitely different from any other country I have been so far. We stayed there for seven days spending half of that at the windy sea in Essaioura and half in vibrant, loud and multifaceted Marrakesh.

From a seamstress point of view, unfortunately, it was not such a lucky trip...can you imagine, that I did not buy any fabric?! Somehow I just could not find anything, that I desperately desired to have in my stash...anyway, brought lots of impressions and a carpet (!) back from Morocco and enjoyed some time away from daily life. :*

Have a good week everybody and see you soon!!!


Dear Autumn,

I heard you are just around the corner. Just wanted to say, that you are welcome,...but please spare us too many wet and cold days! Be mild, sunny and give us some opportunity to enjoy the falling leaves turning red, yellow and brown on long beautiful walks.

Made up this knit shirt for upcoming autumn using a pattern from a garment I had in my wardrobe. This knit fabric is very lightweight, thus my invocation to Autumn! ;)

Actually, I have been lazy on sewing a button-facing. You might not see from the photo, but it is faked! Just sew the button-facing onto the front part and added the buttons on it! ;) 
Due to the wide neckline, I wouldn't have needed it anyway!

Luckily, I had some fabric remnants and thus made up this simple slouchy cap. I love this pattern! Really have to make up some more for autumn and winter.

So how are you preparing your self-made wardrobe for autumn? Kindly leave me some links! I am curious to see what you are up to and get some inspiration for mine!


So maybe next year...

Finished my second piece of MeganNielsen's pattern last weekend. It is the Kelly skirt!

Actually, this garment was meant for my vacation. My boyfriend and I planned and already booked one week Morocco for the end of October 3 months ago. I was so so looking forward to spend a night in the deserts under a sky full of stars, to ride camels and to explore the souks of Marrakesh with all its fabrics, leathers etc....and not to forget, eat all those wonderful dishes...but due to the current situation we just decided, maybe not to go there this year. I am really not a person, who is afraid to travel even less familiar countries, but this might be a situation we just cannot assess. So maybe next year... :(

Anyway, due to the region this skirt was meant for, I opted for the Kelly skirt in a longer version. I used very light weight cotton (for hot weather) and chose some contrasting buttons made of wood.
The pattern was fun to use. Very good for beginners, but also relaxing for more advanced seamstresses, I would say!

Bad luck this year! At least I have a new skirt and hopefully we can manage to rebook. Really need to go somewhere with warm climate...maybe Grand Canary, Tenerife, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote? Any suggestions?

Wish you a good week everybody. Hope you enjoy beginning of autumn!



Whooohooo, 3 posts in a row! :D
Found this supercute fabric 'Giant Octopi' by Heather Ross. Do you recognize the pattern I used?

It is the dress on the cover of BurdaStyle (08/12). Their mint version is just wonderful!

I really love cap sleeves and cloth that emphasize the waist! As I have far too many dresses (cannot catch up wearing them) I opted for a shorter shirt version.

Hopefully, this shirt turns out wearable. Could be a little tooooo cute?!

Have a lovely day everybody!


In the mood for levitation

As promised my latest sewing project!

Trying to levitate like Natsumi

I really had a hard sewing drought for the last few weeks. I simply lacked inspiration. I saw lots of wonderful sewing pattern I would love to try, but couldn't find ANY fabric I liked. That was really frustrating. I watched out locally and regionally through the fabric stores and even my good friend the internet couldn't help!

Finally I went for our local quilt fabric store and found what I was longing for! Amy Butler's Grass Chinese Lanterns fabric saved me!!! I love the green fresh colour and the lantern pattern. Though it is titled to be Chinese, I would have proposed this to be an African inspired pattern...hmm, anyway this bold print needed a simple loose blouse pattern with less darts, etc.

I found the pattern in a Japanese book called 'Sweet dress book'. It is the blouse on the cover.
A loose fitted blouse with 6 bold darts on the front upper bust. Easy and fast project with super comfortable fit! I would highly recommend this blouse for beginners. It is a fun project with no potential for frustration!

Hope you are still with me after my long sewing pause! As promised another sewing project will follow within this week!!!  So stay tuned! ;)


What happened in the meantime...oona, haldern, summer...

Shame on me! Again over one month since my last blogpost!
Anyway, summer has arrived and no one can be blamed for spending more time outside, right? ;)

So in today's post I would like to justify myself and let you know how I spent my time without sewing. Before there will be at least two new sewing projects in the upcoming week!

1. I received a wonderful surprise by Oonaballoona! Remember my 'Pay it forward' mission in last year? Oona took part and I sent her a little something. Luckily she decided to make me one of her chosen ones! As such she 'paid me back'. And as I opened her little parcel I was just like: "wooooohoooo!!!" :D

Three fancy beautiful self made fabric bracelets, lots of funny iron on tags and a super super super cool music compilation, which has become one of my best friends while driving to work!
Oona, if you read this, THANK YOU!!! I love your package! 

2. I finally found the antique looking hand clip I was looking for!!! I found one of them on Etsy and one on a fleamarket so far. But both tooooo expensive. Finally, there had been a good offer by another Etsy seller.

This hand can be attached to a wall and then paper, brochures, tickets, etc. can be clipped by the hand. I do not know why, but I simply had to have this one!!!

3. Last weekend I joined Haldern Pop 2012. Remember I went there last year? This year was more lucky! 4 days full of sunshine (last year 4 days full of rain!), beautiful music and beautiful people. 
If you are not into participating large music festivals with huge crowds, I can only recommend Haldern Pop!!! It is consciously kept small, held on farmer fields on the countryside and the atmosphere is totally relaxed! I am pretty sure, it is because of that, that they as a small festival succeed to invite and present music bands from all over the world.

My favorite bands of this year and recommended from my side: Dan Mangan (Canada), Tune Yards (US), Two Door Cinema Club (Ireland) and Phillip Poisel (Germany).

4. I had lots of delicious food...ahh, I know it is so Asian to take photos of one's food. But sometimes I just cannot resist! ;)

5. And I enjoyed spending time in nature! This summer I tried several paddling sports from kayaking up to stand up paddling. Dear readers, I have never felt so much relaxation as with SUP! Strongly recommended!

That's what happened in the meantime! Thanks for being so patient! Next sewing outcome will come up tomorrow!!! Have a lovely sunday!


Vichy & Tralala

I am still way behind with my postings!!! Anyway, today I have got something I wanted to share for a while already.
Some weeks ago I got a lovely email from a reader inviting me to watch a video on her blog. I was left speechless while doing that. Kindly see for yourself and you might understand!

Black Dress from Aurélien Le Bourhis on Vimeo.

Did you recognize? Vichy & Tralala (isn't that name just lovely?!) made a video about her little black dress which she sewed based on my candy sundress pattern! I love it!!! Beautiful girl in a beautiful dress surrounded by beautiful atmosphere and music! Merci beaucoup!!! ♥

And now kindly jump over to her blog! Looking at her wonderfully sewn dresses is a real eye candy, even though you cannot read French!

Have a wonderful week everybody and see you soon!


Taming my fabric stash

Yay! One step closer taming my fabric stash!!!

As promised, one of my other projects I managed to take a photo of last week! ;)

I have bought this fabric last year on my trip to London on Goldhawk Street. I fell in love with the base colour at once, but wasn't quiet sure about the blue 'roses'. Anyway, it was a real snap, so I just grabbed it!

So after one year I am really glad about this purchase and think I have found a pretty good matching pattern! As the fabric is already kind of romantic-kitschy, I was looking for a pattern with clear shapes. Otherwise I might not have worn it on an everyday basis. This is BurdaStyle magazine 06/09 model no.122. It has, once again, my beloved stand-up collar! And I simply fell in love with these angular sleeves

That's it! Now I need to work on taking photos of my other projects! Hope to get back to you soon! Have a lovely sunday and thanks for coming by!!! ♥


Chloe by Victory Patterns

Good afternoon lovely readers!

What can I say? Finished sewing projects are piling up just because I do not find enough time to make photos...ok, and sometimes I am just too lazy... ;)

Anyway, finally pulled myself together and made some shots of my Chloe version of Victory Patterns

I guess Victory Patterns already crossed your way on the internet. This independent pattern line by Kristiann has been featured a lot recently. You can find some very interesting interviews with her on Paunnet, Tilly and the Buttons and A Fashionable Stitch.

Anyway, back to my version! I opted for some kind of hybrid version. The pattern suggests to either make a sleeveless version with contrast binding or a sleeves version with contrasting sleeves, but not necessarily contrast binding. I definitely wanted sleeves, but not necessarily in a contrast fabric because I felt like contrasting sleeves would make this dress looking too sportive. In order to avoid too much simplicity and because I used light beige colored linen for the shell, again, I came along turquoise for contrast binding.

I am really glad about this decision! Feels like this is a dress which fits relatively casual as well as elegant occasions. Another plus of the turquoise: it prevents this dress being mistaken with a potato sack!...just kidding... ;)

Résumé about Victory Patterns: Really nice pattern with great and easy to follow instructions. Of course, I was too lazy to make a muslin, but have been lucky, that this dress fitted me almost without modifications. Only alteration made was a shortening of the shoulder seams to lift up the bust darts.

Have a lovely day everybody and kindly stay tuned as I will be back next week!...haha, managed to make photos of two projects today...I am so proud of myself... ;)


Finally...Nani Iro meets Megan Nielsen

Tadaaaaa! Sorry for having kept you waiting so so long! Luckily, weather turned a little warmer these days, so here we go!

Thank you all so so much for your lovely feedback and input! This was so heart warming and really re-motivated me to work on this dress again.

There have been some wonderful ideas!
Some of them easier like simply adding another button or wearing a camisole underneath! ;)
Unfortunately, these did not work because the neckline was not only low, but really wide all around.

Others were more tech- nically complicated, like adding a scalloped or ruffled neckline.

I really loved the idea of a lace neckline, but was unsure because of the extreme print. Thus I had the feeling that this could be a little over- whelming to me.

In the end I opted for a simple creme colored additional neckline sewn into the dress.

It turned out way better than before and is totally wearable now, but somehow it still is a little unfitted...sigh...I guess it is the fate of the overambitious seamstress to always find something not perfectly done! Anyway, this project is done and I can surely live with the result! :) 

By the way, coming up next: a Chloe dress by Victory Patterns, a BurdaMagazine copycat bubble dress and yet another dress by DrapeDrape. Oh, I hope for a long and warm summer!!!

Wishing everybody a wonderful and sunny weekend!!!


Office Blouse

Hello lovely readers!!!

First of all, thank you so so much for all the support, encouragement and really great suggestions on my last 'cry for help' post!!!
This is exactly, why I love blogging. You simply give me so so much! AND I was able to rescue that Darling Ranges Dress. Kindly, give me a little more time! I am waiting for beautiful sunny weather and provide you then the result! :D 

Meanwhile, I want to show you a blouse I have finished! I am now working in an office and am in need of loooots of blouses.
Anyway, I don't really like the standard blouse collar on me. It makes me look so boring and conservative, so I opted for this interesting pattern with stand-up collar from Burda magazine 2008/1 (model no. 107).

I like the way the front is kind of 'puzzled' (see below photo for details) and the fact that the 'bib' is against the grainline. It adds that little pizzazz allowed. ;)

The fabric has been waiting in my stash for more than 5 years! Wow, I am so glad to finally have found some pattern for this one!

Dear Tilly, you see you aren't the only one suffering from stitcher's indecision! :D
I truly hope to find some help in your reader's comments!!!

Have a lovely sunday dear readers! And thanks again for all your warm support!!! ♥♥♥


...hmm, help?...

You might think that everything I sew turns out well?!...in that case you are wrong...so today a little proof for that.

I finally found some time to put my hands on the beautiful Darling Ranges dress pattern by Megan Nielsen. As usual, I didn't make a muslin...though this time I regret it a little because I used this wonderful green NaniIro fabric and it just didn't turn out as I had imagined.

Sorry, I don't even feel like making photos of me wearing it! Anyway, I think it is pretty obvious that the neckline is far too wide! 

So please please please lovely readers, if you have any good advices or ideas how to rescue this dress, leave me a comment! I already thought about drafting another neckline and sew it into the previous one. What do you think? And should I use the same fabric as before or a contrast one?!....help is very much appreciated!!! Thanx and have a lovely week!!!


DIY Gift Voucher for a self-made garment

Bow blouse on a little copper hanger and self-made little boutique like carry bag
Promised you an inspiration regarding a DIY Gift Voucher for a self-made garment in this year's first post. 

A little late, but here it comes. I have used this idea twice this year already and it seems, that both recipients were quite happy with it!

So the idea is very simple. I sew tiny, little garments with hand (see how tiny they are in relation to the pug).

The voucher on the left was for a female friend. She really liked my big bow wanderlust blouse and thus I decided to make one for her, too. 
Good thing with this voucher is, that you already have a little handmade item to really hand over on the recipient's birthday AND that the recipient is able to choose the fabric on her/his own. I mean, wouldn't it be a pity, if you as a seamstress put great efforts into the accomplishment of a self-made garment, just to find out in the end, that the recipient isn't into the color of your chosen fabric? 

Below you see the voucher for the male friend. This was a little more problematic because I didn't know, at all, what kind of garment he would like. So I made him a selection of 3 garments (cardigan, anorak, shirt) and wrote below 'voucher for a garment of your choice'.

I think it is all about the little details, which make these vouchers really cute and special. For example, the little copper wire clothes hanger (really easy to bend), the little labels or the little beads pretending to be buttons.

So, if you do have some time to spare, this might be a good idea for a dear friend of yours, too.

Hope you liked it and wish you all a beautiful and lovely sunday!
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