A belated christmas present & some 2012 wishes

Belated Christmas Present
Dear lovely readers,
I hope you and your families had a wonderful christmas.

You might have wondered why there were only so few posts in the last couple of weeks?

I have to admit, that I simply lacked any creative sewing ideas or visions. I have read on other fellow sewing blogs, that they have had times like these, too and I can remember that I simply couldn't imagine that something like that might happen to me.

Now I can totally understand, though there isn't even one recognizable reason for this kind of emptiness.

Anyway, I am writing this post today because I think I am under way to get over it! :D

As I went to my favorite local fabric shop, I experienced a wonderful belated christmas! You have to know, that those women working there do know me already because I stop by at least once a week.
They have always been very nice and helpful to me.

But today was special. They were busy with an end of the year clearance and found lots of Burda magazines from 2006, 2008 and 2009! Guess who was the lucky girl allowed to carry home two big bags (26 magazines) with about 13kg!...hahaha, that was me! :D 

Sometimes one is really lucky. Sometimes time and chance simply go together perfectly. With this large boost of inspirational patterns my sewing drought HAS to come to an end! I feel really good about this and it makes me looking forward to the new year.

Have you already made up your New Year's resolutions? Usually, I am not that kind of person, but this year I have some little resolutions I want to write down here in order to push myself heading for them! 

  • Have at least one sewing project per week and publish at least one post per week.
  • To work out on a regular basis. I would love to loose the weight I gained this year.
  • To use time and effort more efficiently.
  • To appreciate time with family and friends more consciously.
 So what about you? Do you have any resolutions you would share with me?


  1. the first 4 resolutions should be also mine :) have fun with the burda-stack. I have all of those and love to go through them :)

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  3. What a nice gift they made you! You must be a very good client :) ! The old lady where I often go buy fabrics usually makes me coffee... That's how close we are :D
    I'm sorry that you're a bit down creatively speaking, but it's normal and it happens to everyone. You'll see that it will go away as it came and it will feel so good!
    Your resolutions are very similar to mine, especially the working out part... ouch!

  4. I love yourrr bloggggg! :) it's so inspiring and you made everything so easy! I sew too, thankyou for the inspiration and your sewing stuffs are really great *thumbs up*! :D

  5. My resolution was to buy less and make less. I cleaned my closets out and discovered I was wasting time sewing things that didn't flatter my figure and buying things because they were not expensive. Those were what filled 6 trash bags that went to the thrift store. So I resolved to think about what I wanted in my closet sewn or bought. And I've been sticking to it.

    Come see if you'd like. I bring it up all the time because it's my sewing mantra this year.


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