Some more corduroy

First of all...Thank you all for the huge response and lovely feedback on my last post's corduroy dress.
Now I know that a pattern & instructions would definitely be appreciated and I can proudly tell you, that I am about to finish those. :) 
Just give me one more week. I need to correct some mistakes, add some graphics and I need to find a place to get my pattern scanned.
Oh, I cannot wait to share it with you and see what you are going to come up with! :D

By the way, in case you post some questions in the comments section, I came up with a new routine. I will try to answer all of those when I am setting up a new post. So if you ask me anything, just wait for a new post to come up and go back to the comments section of the post you asked your question in. Hope this works and I can come back to all of you! :)

So I made myself some shorts last week! Rust-colored corduroy ones. Sorry, for the photos (and sorry for me wearing slippers! I totally forgot to change shoes!). I had no time for better ones during daytime and thus had to make them at home. 

I like the loose and casual fit and the used flair of corduroy on these. The pattern is actually one that I simply copied from corduroy shorts I already had. I liked those so much, that I wanted to have more than one pair.

Did you ever copy a garment you bought? What is your experience with that? Do you have special tricks? Or would you like to know how I do it?

See you soon with a free pattern! Hope you will have a wonderful week ahead.


  1. wow, genau eine shorts wie ich sie seit wochen suche! machst du uns davon auch ein schnittmuster? habe zwar auch schon mal kleider von mir kopiert für einen schnitt, aber bei hosen ist das ganz schön tricky, finde ich, wenn du sie nicht ausdeinandernehmen willst ;-)

  2. die würde ich auch tragen, passen perfekt in den herbst.und zu dir.
    liebe grüße nach Din -wait for it- slaken (:

  3. I like them! The colour and the fact that you didn't put pockets in the back!

  4. I always copy patterns from clothing that i already have but they hardley ever work out as well as this. I love the idea of bright coloured shorts. I myself made a pair of extra bright blue heavy cotton shorts and love them to bits, i'm constantly redoing the hem so I hope that yours work for you!

  5. Oh, love your shorts!! Perfect fit and love the colour. Well done!

  6. I love velvet fabric, for me shorts would be make shorter:D bat I love this pattern, I whant them in dark navy blue color!

  7. I would love to have some tips from you about making a pattern from a garment I have bought! Like you I have a pair of shorts which fit me perfectly that I'd like to duplicate (they are getting quite old); I'd also be interested in doing this for a jacket, a dress, and a tailored shirt.

    I'm quite a newbie to sewing my own clothes, and I find the idea of duplicating something I know fits me much less intimidating than trying to find and interpret a pattern that might or might not work for me! I think this could be a good way for me to get in to using patterns.

    Thank you so much for all of your lovely projects and personality!

  8. YAY for free patterns :)
    These shorts are lovely, they look so warm and perfect for fall of winter. The colour is to die for!

  9. Lovely shorts! I have copied a few jersey tops and dresses, which works pretty well, but I've never tried a woven garment...

  10. I love your shorts - I really like corduroy because it's so soft, warm and comfortable, and yours is an excellent colour!

    The very first item I made was a skirt, copied from one I already had. It doesn't fit me quite as well as the original, but that's mainly because I didn't know much about sewing at the time. I still really love it! I copied it by putting paper over the top of the skirt and tracing... then I measured the darts and pleats on the inside to see how much I needed to add. I'd be interested to know how you made your copy - your shorts seem to fit much better than my copied skirt does.

    By the way, I also loved your corduroy dress and I'm very pleased you're going to put up a pattern.

  11. @Gesa

    Hallo Gesa, Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! Leider kann ich dieses Schnittmuster nicht hochladen, da ich es nicht selbst gemacht habe. Eventuell könnte das Urheberrechte verletzen. Aber vielleicht zeig ich euch in Zukunft mal wie ich Hosen kopiere. LG

  12. @Anonymous
    haha...danke flensdorfjulia!!! :D

  13. @bluesewncat Thanks! I would love to see your bright blue shorts. I wonder what you mean with the hem? Is it because it's folded?

  14. @Iveta
    Thanks Iveta! With your legs I would wear them shorter, too! ;)...mine are a little too short. :D

  15. @teganmarked
    Thanks Tegan for your lovely comment! I am always glad, if people like what I am doing. I will definitely make a little post about how I copy garments in the future. Take care!

  16. @Kate
    Thanks Kate. I think you were very brave to copy the very first garment you sew. Sometimes I do think, it is more difficult to copy a given garment than to work with a finished pattern with instructions! I will definitely post about my copy method in the future and hopefully the corduroy dress pattern will be up at the end of this week! :) Take care


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