It's done! 'Autumn Love' pattern and instructions

I finally made it. Sorry, for having you wait for so long, but here you are lovely readers. I can proudly present you the pattern and instructions for 'Autumn Love' dress.

I have done my best to be as precise as possible with the instructions. Please keep in mind, that I am by no means a professional pattern maker. In addition I would love you to contact me, if you find any discrepancies and in case you have problems understanding either instructions or pattern.

If you want to play safe, I would recommend you to make a muslin first. This goes without saying in case you want to alter the size. It would be very disappointing to waste fabric you really love.

So get your sewing notions ready. Here are the links for instructions and pattern

Wishing everybody an amazing sunday and if possible please share with me your finished 'Autumn Love', I am dying to see what you will come up with!

P.S.: Thanks to lovely Meike and her dad for scanning the pattern! :)


Walking the pug...

Just a little post to cheer up your week!

Last friday a friend of mine working in Japan was here for a short vacation and brought me one of the cutest books I have ever seen. 

No doubt, I had to try one of those cute little felt animals (none of them larger than 20cm) on sunday evening. It took me about 6 hours handsewing, but today I could already walk my little pug! ;)

Seems like he loves to play in the leaves... :P

...and he is a little scared by flowers...

...no wonder, because he is still so small (7cm)...

...having a little trouble with the sidewalk...

...but never giving up, no matter how long the way is!


Some more corduroy

First of all...Thank you all for the huge response and lovely feedback on my last post's corduroy dress.
Now I know that a pattern & instructions would definitely be appreciated and I can proudly tell you, that I am about to finish those. :) 
Just give me one more week. I need to correct some mistakes, add some graphics and I need to find a place to get my pattern scanned.
Oh, I cannot wait to share it with you and see what you are going to come up with! :D

By the way, in case you post some questions in the comments section, I came up with a new routine. I will try to answer all of those when I am setting up a new post. So if you ask me anything, just wait for a new post to come up and go back to the comments section of the post you asked your question in. Hope this works and I can come back to all of you! :)

So I made myself some shorts last week! Rust-colored corduroy ones. Sorry, for the photos (and sorry for me wearing slippers! I totally forgot to change shoes!). I had no time for better ones during daytime and thus had to make them at home. 

I like the loose and casual fit and the used flair of corduroy on these. The pattern is actually one that I simply copied from corduroy shorts I already had. I liked those so much, that I wanted to have more than one pair.

Did you ever copy a garment you bought? What is your experience with that? Do you have special tricks? Or would you like to know how I do it?

See you soon with a free pattern! Hope you will have a wonderful week ahead.
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