Spring again...at least in my head.

Lookie I have got something NEW! :) Aaah, finally a clothing project again! 
I found this beautiful NaniIro fabric on sale because it was a remnant of 1.5 metre! Yay! Then, when it arrived I had to think hardly about what to do with it. I remembered that I bought one of NaniIro's books during my semester in Japan. I have never tried any of this book's projects because somehow I found those a little too loose. Anyway, it was time to make use of it and this NaniIro fabric was, of course, just perfect for it. I made the same dress as you can see on the front cover. The only thing I altered was the length.

Did you ever use NaniIro fabric? I know it is relatively expansive if purchased outside Japan. But I can really, really recommend its very high quality. This one is a double gauze, which means that two pieces of very light cotton fabric are sewn together punctually. It is so very, very soft and feels wonderful on skin. I so love this and am thinking to purchase some more meters in a different color.

Maybe you have also seen Tilly's beautiful dress made out of NaniIro Fuccra in eggplant color? If not check her wonderful version!

Anyway, luckily I had some small remnants after finishing this easy tunic. I have two easypeasy tutorials in mind. Hope to get them done soon and share them with you!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the bright side of life!

P.S.: Of course, it is already too cold in Germany to wear a tunic like that (also the reason of inside photos ;) ), but maybe it works with a turtleneck underneath?


  1. How cute, and totally your stile!
    I guess that with a turtleneck underneath and a cardigan over it you can wear it in the cold. I always use my summer dresses in the winter, the secret is just to layer enough stuff (without looking like twice your size).
    Looking forward to see your next tutorials! <3

  2. I like the emerald green tights.

  3. Oh it's so pretty! I absolutely adore that fabric - so gorgeous. Ooh and thank you for mentioning my project :)

  4. I love this print but I don't like sewing with double gauze. You did a great job, the dress looks lovely.

  5. This dress is so cute! And I love how you styled it with the leggings. A long sleeve top underneath would be cute, too :) x

  6. That's so pretty! My mom said it started snowing in southern Germany today, but I'm pretty sure you can get away with a turtle neck under the tunic for another couple of days... :)

  7. Very sweet and comfortable dress. Love your fabric.

  8. Are there instructions on how to make this somewhere? I cannot read Japanese so, buying the book seems out. I am new to sewing and thought this wouldn't be too difficult to try.


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