Owls and a Tohoku Bag

Hello everybody! I know, I know this blog has been lacking sewn clothes and new tutorials. Unfortunately, I have been too busy with real life in the last few weeks, still trying to get my personal future onto the right tracks! But I promise to be back with some new clothings and DIYs as soon as everything is a little more ordered.

So today I serve you some more zakka! The nice thing about zakka seems to be that one can always find some time to do it and one does not need to concentrate hardly to accomplish!

Lookie, some owls! :)

Actually, I wanted to follow this little tutowlrial, but I just noticed a little later, that I have changed the facial expression by placing the eyes a little differently. Nevermind, they were a lot of fun to make and I made a whole flock!

You might recognize this bag pattern because it has been all over on sewing blogs for the last few weeks. Cheri from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar was so nice to share an easy to follow tutorial for it. By they way, I got this beautiful floral canvas on Goldhawk Street, when I was on my trip to London!

So hopefully everybody of you is doing well! I will try hard to be back with something special soon!!!


  1. Love your bag. Hope to visit Goldhawk St on my London trip in January. Any suggestions?

  2. Thank al lot, i was lokking for this owl pattern since i bought on ein Kratia last Summer....
    I linked your foto, i hope this is OK?

  3. die tasche ist soooo... schön! :) <3

  4. @Gail
    Thanks Gail! Oh, if you visit Goldhawk St you won't need any suggestions! The fabric shops lie right next to each other, so you won't be able to miss any of them! :) Anyway, I would also visit Liberty Fabrics near Oxford Street. Shame on me, I even made a photo of that beautiful house noticing that it was Liberty only when I got back to Germany! ;)
    Wishing you a wonderful London trip!

  5. @regenbogenbuntes
    Hi Nette! Definitely OK! :) They are just too cute, right?

  6. @Sarah hihihi, dat freut mich! ;)

  7. @PaunnetThanks Anna! Hope to come up with some clothings soon! :)

  8. These owls are really pretty! :)

  9. Those owls are too sweet! As a growing Crazy Bird Lady I am so tempted to make a few to sit at my work desk (along with my owl pen holder and the sparrows and robins) to keep an eye on me!


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