DIY Nani Iro Muffler & some hints for the DIY braided scarf

Hey everybody! As the post title already says, this is a tutorial post! I have got a new muffler DIY to share and because of the great demand, some hints for making your own braided scarf.

But let's start with my new muffler. I already told you that I had some leftovers from my last project's NaniIro fabric. This is what I came up with to get use of it.

Look at this super cute buttons! My father made them for me simply by randomly cutting some wooden board and drilling two holes into them.
It's an easypeasy muffler. All you need is a piece of fabric sized 37cm x 72cm (seam allowances included), 3 straps of lace (each about 8cm long) and 3 matching buttons (max. 3cm diameter).

First of all fold your fabric in half lengthwise (right side of the fabric inside).

After that fold your lace straps in half and place them inside (see grey straps on the right side of the above picture). Pin them with needles, so that they won't slide when you are about to sew the three open sides of your fabric. While sewing, remember to leave a little space (about 10cm) open, so that you can turn your muffler inside out.

After having sewn all three sides, turn the muffler inside out, so that the right side of the fabric and the lace flaps are on the outside. Blind stitch the seam opening. Last but not least attach your bottoms about 18cm from the end of the muffler (the side without lace flaps) and you are done! Easy, isn't it?

And I guess many of you remember this braided scarf, which I have made at the beginning of this year?! I got lots of mails and requests about which amount of fabric is needed for this one.

Luckily the viscose I used was very wide. So I cut every piece of fabric with a length of 170cm. But don't you worry, if your fabric is less wide. Just be sure, that you can still get the scarf arround your neck for two times. 

So here come some measurements of my version:

1 big piece of viscose (170cm x 42cm)
+ for two braids:
3 small pieces of viscose (170cm x 3cm)
3 middle sized pieces of viscose (170cm x 6cm) 

I hope this helps! If there are any further questions, please just let me know! 

Have a wonderful day everybody!


  1. That braided scarf is amazing. I'm already scanning my stash to find a fabric to make it :)
    thanks for sharing this DIY!

  2. Super cute muffler! I've never seen those before, but it's such a cute idea! Great for the upcoming holiday season. And I love the braided scarf! I'm going to try that out this weekend! :)

  3. i just discover your blog and i am very happy about that ! all is beautiful ! I hope to read you soon !

  4. That scarf os so creative... it looks amazing! I'm not much of a DIYer, but this idea may be just enough to convert me!


  5. just made one... super easy!fortunately for my sisters they will be getting these for christmas!

  6. All of the viscose jersey I've found online is very expensive. Any tips on where to get it or on a good substitution?

  7. @ Anonymous: I am sorry to read that. Which country do you come from? I got mine at a very good price in a small shop here in Germany, but I am sure you can find similar fabric on etsy. Try to find some jersey or a blended fabric like cotton jersey. Important thing is, that the fabric you choose is a little elastic. Hope this helps!

  8. I just made the muffler and it was super easy and fun! I used quilt batting inside to make it extra cozy. Thanks for a great tutorial :)

  9. I love the muffler. Looks cozy and so pretty! Nani Iro fabric is soooo gorgeous :)

  10. Could you explain to me how to cut against the grain....is this for the strips that are braided as well as the larger piece?
    Thanks so much

  11. U can just cut up an old t-shirt to do this!! Awesome


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