Misc IV

Hey hey! Well, you might know what's going to happen in case I do not blog anything for a while. Right! Things I have made are piling up and it is time to create a 'Misc' post! :) So here we go!!!

I have seen a wonderful dress-blouse-tunic in Lauren Moffatt's latest collection. But as I couldn't find anybody to donate me 382 US$, I had to turn into a copycat and tried to make my own version...

Ahh, I admit, the original one is more beautiful. I liked this wild silk very much in the fabric shop, but unfortunately the gold thread inbetween the stripes gathers the silk and makes it less plain. Also I don't like the length. It is too short to be a dress and too long for a blouse. I am thinking about shortening it to be paired better with jeans.

Also, there was a design contest run by the German BurdaStyle magazine. The task was to design a dress which every woman would love to wear. Fabulous idea, I would have loved to get a professional pattern for my own design. Anyway, in short, I didn't win. :( 
Guess my future challenge will be to try combining several dress patterns to get it done on my own! :)

And as I have already told you, I am about to make my very first quilted patchwork blanket! It is not finished, yet, but here you can already see the front and back patchwork.

And! Last but not least I made some zakka!

Lots of little fabric pouches...trying hard to use up my fabric scraps! ;)

Find a wonderful tutorial on SeeKateSew

And little handy needle books!

Find this tutorial on My Three Sons

So that's it! Hope this post wasn't an overdose! By the way, thanks for all those lovely comments you left in the last few weeks. If I haven't answered you, yet, I am sorry. I will try to catch up! Have a wonderful day everybody!


  1. Ich finde das Kleid voll schön! Hast du mal probiert Schnitte selbst zu konstruieren?
    Ich hab übrigens bei Facebook eine DIY-Blogger-Gruppe gegründet, damit man sich untereinander auch ein bisschen austauschen kann und vielleicht zusammen mal Projekte starten kann, würde mich freuen wenn du Lust hast dabei zu sein :-)

  2. WOW ! I love the front of your quilt ! What a bobby dazzler x

  3. your interpretation of lauren moffatt blouse is absolutely stunning. I love the colors! oh so nice idea what to do with scraps.

  4. That tunic is so elegant, it looks great on you!
    It's a pity that your design wasn't chosen, it was lovely.
    That needle book is adorable, I want one for me!

  5. so many wonderful things piled up in one post!:) the tunic is way to lovely to be sorry for not spending 382$; the fabric pouches are adorable and the needle books too so yeah- this post is an overdose.. of cuteness:))

    Magda ᵔᴥᵔ

  6. großartiger quilt wird das. der erste quilt ist immer was ganz besonderes (mein 2. liegt seit 1 jahr im nähzimmer und möchte fertig gemacht werden; das wäre mir mit dem ersten quilt nicht passiert). und ganz toll auch die nadelmäppchen. sind die schöööön.


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