Handmade Kultur & Misc V

I am so excited dear readers! Yesterday the second edition of Handmade Kultur was published and it included a little article about me and my new sewing machine. Thank you very very much (again!) for having supported me in this challenge! I simply love my machine and it always reminds me on you! 

Besides this I am still challenging my fabric stash! So I looked all over the blogosphere for little 'zakka' and made a list of litte useful things!

Here are some easy done zippered pen cases. I used mairuru's tutorial to make them and if you are like me with lots of little fabric strips in your cupboard, I can only advise you to turn them into these fastly done pen cases! I think they make beautiful little prezzies!

With some larger remnants I made these colorful tote bags. I really do try to be more environmentally friendly, though it is hard to act truly environmentally friendly in every single act! Anyway, this is a little contribution from my side. All these plastic bags aren't needed at all if you have such cute tote bags, right? 

And last but not least I made a little kitty cat using Wee Wonderful's free Pointy Kitty Pattern! I thought it to be much harder because of all the limbs one has to turn out and stuff, but it really was very easy and nicely instructed aswell!

So this is what I have been all about this week. And somehow I feel like my remnants still do not decrease!!! Guess this challenge has to be continued next week! Have a lovely weekend everybody and see you soon!


  1. I just love your pen cases and the bags (and, by the way, your blog)... beautiful fabrics, beautiful colors...


  2. wow, well done for being featured, what an attchievment xxx

  3. you are really awesome nette :-D those are pretty things. whew!

    my daughter said : lovely!

  4. Congrats Nette, you deserve it!
    You made so many cute things! Are you planning on selling them?

  5. die nähmaschine ist bei dir total gut aufgehoben wie man sieht. congratulations!! du machst immer so schöne sachen!

  6. @ all: Thanks girls! :)
    @ Anna: Thank you. Well, there is an upcoming Chinese event where I will get a chance trying to sell them directly. I am not sure how it is going to work because it is not a handmade market or something like that. If I can't sell anything, at least, I am going to have enough handmade prezzies for the next 1-2 years! ;)


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