Niewo...Immerda - Haldern Pop 2011

Wooohoo, came back yesterday from a wonderful festival weekend. Thanks to everybody who wished me some fun. I definitely had it! :) This post will only share some of my memories. So if you are looking for sewing related stuff don't worry, I hope to upload something tomorrow! :)

Above a collection of bands I really, really liked. From top down LaBrassBanda, AgnesObel, MissLi, SelahSue and AlexWinston. Especially LaBrassBanda was a really good surprise. This band comes from deepest Bavaria, that is in the south of Germany (also a reason why I hardly understood anything!). They simply were so so much fun and heated up the crowd in the pourring rain.

Next some impressions of the festival! A super lovely countryside festival with lots of cows and horses all arround. That is also why there was this cow sign which said: crown caps and garbage kill cows. :) 
Also on top you see the 'Spiegeltent'. A tent full of mirrors and with a really nice nostalgic atmosphere. Some bands made their shows there and it was super comfortable because of its small space with not too many people in it.
I really enjoyed this festival's small size. I think they are not selling more than 6.500 tickets, though the demand is always much higher. Like this it was easy to find a place for oneself and enjoy the shows without a too crowded feeling.

Ultimately, of course it did rain! :) But nevermind, I was lucky enough to get these wonderful retro rubber boots from a friend's mother. In combination with this très chic garbage bag like cape these definitely made my day. Maybe I should really think about making a good fitting rain coat in the near future! :)

So that's it! See you tomorrow with a light summery dress post! Have a lovely beginning of the week everybody!


  1. Love your rain outfit and it certainly looked like serious fun!


  2. Hehe, sounds like fun! I love the cow warning sign... :D


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