DIY - Memo Board

I don't know whether you share the same memo paper chaos as me?! It was about time to do something against this so I decided to make a fabric covered memo board (though the one on the photo is a birthday prezzie...I will need to make another one for myself! :D). And because I am very thoughtful on all my paper chaotic fellows I documented the making process and want to share this little tutorial. By the way, I think this board is also a nice idea for a changeable mood board or photo board. 

What you need:

a piece of wooden board (about 1cm thickness) in the size you want your finished memo board

some batting (size of wooden board + 4cm in lenght and 4cm in height)

some fabric (size of wooden board + about 6cm in length and 6cm in height)

a few bullen nails, some decorative ribbon and two leather strips

Tools needed: scissors, staple gun, hammer, ruler

This project is really easy-peasy and you don't need to sew anything. Start by piling fabric (right side down), batting and the wooden board as shown on the photo above. Then fold the fabric about 1-2 cm (to avoid it's fraying) and start to fix the fabric onto the wooden board in the middle of one of the length's sides with the help of your staple gun.

Do the same on the middle of the other length's side. It is important that you work parallel on both sides in order to prevent any wrinkles. Fix both lenght sides.

Fold the corners thoroughly as you would do while wrapping a gift. Fold again the fabric before using the staple gun and fixing the fabric onto the shorter sides of the wooden board.

This is what it should look like from the back after finishing all sides with the staple gun.

Turn the board arround and organize the ribbon in the way you like. Because I used some patterned fabric I didn't want too many ribbons to hide the pattern. But I think that for plain colored fabrics I would prefer to add more ribbons diametrically.

Fix the ribbons on the position you chose (e.g. with the help of needles). Then turn around the board and use your staple gun again to fix the straps on the back side of the board.

After having placed and fixed all ribbons on the back, turn the board around again and hammer the bullen nails into the ribbons. This does not only look good, but also tightens the ribbons, so that they are better prepared to hold your notes.

Last but not least I used two leather strips and fixed them (again with the staple gun) onto the top of the back. These are going to be hangers.

And tadaaa! You are done! :) Hope you like this little tutorial & have a lovely day!


  1. I really enjoy that fabric, thanks for sharing.

  2. it looks very nice! I use a polystyrene board and thrust pins in it, but when I run the fan it starts to fly! I have another idea that's close to happening and it includes repurposed pieces!

  3. Wow, thank you for the tutorial! You made it look super easy.

  4. Found your blog via bloglovin. What a clear tutorial. Love the pattern if the fabric too. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Wow, awesome!!

  6. Super schöne Idee. =)


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