Tulips are blue

Finally a new blouse! Currently, I am trying to reduce my fabric stash. It definitely has gotten way too large!!! How do you try to manage your fabrics?! And what amount is normal and what amount shouldn't be surpassed?!...

 Anyways, if you know me already a little longer you might recognize, that I made this blouse once before. Though with a huge bow (wanderlust). This time I chose to make a smaller one because I only had one yard of fabric. 

If you like simple projects, I can only recommend this pattern to you. It took only about 3 hours to finnish it and no alterations were needed.

By the way, I was lucky last week and experienced a happy finding! I am going to show you that one soon! Just have to work on it a little more.

Have a good monday and a wonderful week everybody!


DIY - Memo Board

I don't know whether you share the same memo paper chaos as me?! It was about time to do something against this so I decided to make a fabric covered memo board (though the one on the photo is a birthday prezzie...I will need to make another one for myself! :D). And because I am very thoughtful on all my paper chaotic fellows I documented the making process and want to share this little tutorial. By the way, I think this board is also a nice idea for a changeable mood board or photo board. 

What you need:

a piece of wooden board (about 1cm thickness) in the size you want your finished memo board

some batting (size of wooden board + 4cm in lenght and 4cm in height)

some fabric (size of wooden board + about 6cm in length and 6cm in height)

a few bullen nails, some decorative ribbon and two leather strips

Tools needed: scissors, staple gun, hammer, ruler

This project is really easy-peasy and you don't need to sew anything. Start by piling fabric (right side down), batting and the wooden board as shown on the photo above. Then fold the fabric about 1-2 cm (to avoid it's fraying) and start to fix the fabric onto the wooden board in the middle of one of the length's sides with the help of your staple gun.

Do the same on the middle of the other length's side. It is important that you work parallel on both sides in order to prevent any wrinkles. Fix both lenght sides.

Fold the corners thoroughly as you would do while wrapping a gift. Fold again the fabric before using the staple gun and fixing the fabric onto the shorter sides of the wooden board.

This is what it should look like from the back after finishing all sides with the staple gun.

Turn the board arround and organize the ribbon in the way you like. Because I used some patterned fabric I didn't want too many ribbons to hide the pattern. But I think that for plain colored fabrics I would prefer to add more ribbons diametrically.

Fix the ribbons on the position you chose (e.g. with the help of needles). Then turn around the board and use your staple gun again to fix the straps on the back side of the board.

After having placed and fixed all ribbons on the back, turn the board around again and hammer the bullen nails into the ribbons. This does not only look good, but also tightens the ribbons, so that they are better prepared to hold your notes.

Last but not least I used two leather strips and fixed them (again with the staple gun) onto the top of the back. These are going to be hangers.

And tadaaa! You are done! :) Hope you like this little tutorial & have a lovely day!


A little late...but then, it was summer!

Morning everybody! As promised, today comes some sewing related stuff! A summery dress!
Oh, it is my fault that I show you this dress just now when summer is almost over here. Made this dress months ago for Sarah, who unlike me has a wonderful summery complexion!

Maybe you have already seen various versions of this dress (BurdaStyle Magazine 05/11) on other sewing blogs?! I really like the versatility of this pattern. Just have a look at Mathilde's classy version and Paunnet's comfy floral version (which I definitely don't think was a failure at all!)!

I also like the way the front doesn't suppose, that the back looks that sportive. I chose this midweight cotton blend in turquoise, rose, white, brown and beige assembled in some kind of 80s retro pattern.
That's it! Have a sunny day everybody! :)

P.S.: A little hint on what I am working on at the moment! My first patchwork quilt!

by Horne


Niewo...Immerda - Haldern Pop 2011

Wooohoo, came back yesterday from a wonderful festival weekend. Thanks to everybody who wished me some fun. I definitely had it! :) This post will only share some of my memories. So if you are looking for sewing related stuff don't worry, I hope to upload something tomorrow! :)

Above a collection of bands I really, really liked. From top down LaBrassBanda, AgnesObel, MissLi, SelahSue and AlexWinston. Especially LaBrassBanda was a really good surprise. This band comes from deepest Bavaria, that is in the south of Germany (also a reason why I hardly understood anything!). They simply were so so much fun and heated up the crowd in the pourring rain.

Next some impressions of the festival! A super lovely countryside festival with lots of cows and horses all arround. That is also why there was this cow sign which said: crown caps and garbage kill cows. :) 
Also on top you see the 'Spiegeltent'. A tent full of mirrors and with a really nice nostalgic atmosphere. Some bands made their shows there and it was super comfortable because of its small space with not too many people in it.
I really enjoyed this festival's small size. I think they are not selling more than 6.500 tickets, though the demand is always much higher. Like this it was easy to find a place for oneself and enjoy the shows without a too crowded feeling.

Ultimately, of course it did rain! :) But nevermind, I was lucky enough to get these wonderful retro rubber boots from a friend's mother. In combination with this très chic garbage bag like cape these definitely made my day. Maybe I should really think about making a good fitting rain coat in the near future! :)

So that's it! See you tomorrow with a light summery dress post! Have a lovely beginning of the week everybody!


Preparing for my very first festival with my very first self printed shirt!

Hey you! I told you that I would come up with more prints! This time my very own creation. Somehow there is already an autumn atmosphere here in Germany so I chose to make that a theme for the print. Squirrels and acorns! :) Again I made the stamps myself using linoleum and some sharp cutters.

Then I had to search for a pattern on which this print might work well and I was inspired by a blouse by Steven Alan's fall 2011 collection (blouse no. 25). I used his silhouette and changed a dress pattern from burdastyle 04/11 (no. 107) to get this overlapping front with ribbon closure.

The inner front always fell down while wearing it, so I added some transparent press buttons.

So about the title of this blog post! I am so so so excited. I am about to go to my very first festival! :) My boyfriend got us some tickets for the Haldern Pop Festival (August 11th-13th). So this shall be one of my festival outfits. ;)

See that little raspberry colored bag? I also made my smaller camera a nice bag, which can be easily carried. Like this I have it on my hands very quickly. 

This bag was super simple. I used a tutorial by Pink Penguin, but did some alterations. For example I added a leather handle with the help of two button holes on top of this case. I also didn't choose to add a button, but stitched up one side and added some hook-and-loop on the other. The camera slides in just great in this way. So now you know what I will be wearing on one day of my festival tour! :)

Definitely I will be wearing the handmade friendship bracelet Paunnet gave to me. Simply a perfect accessory for it! <3

Wish me good luck with the weather! See you!!! xoxo Nette

Last but not least some bands I really look forward to:


belle in mustard

You might think: "Huh?! Where did Nette get these long legs from?!"...hahaha...of course, I cannot offer you these! This is Sarah one of my best friends and she is wearing a dress made by me. She has been waiting for months until I finally found some time to make this one for her.

Isn't this mustard cotton fabric, chosen by herself, just stunning?!  It's from Joel Dewberry.

The pattern is from BurdaStyle Magazine 2009/08 (no. 128). I have made this dress once before and love its simple, elegant, but also casual look. Luckily, not a lot of fitting was needed and we could go out right away to take some photos!

P.S.: Thank you girls so so much for your birthday wishes! :)
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