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Today I want to show you something I have made at the end of June, but haven't been able to take photos of, yet. It was our 9th anniversary (I still can't quite believe it!!! Time passes by so fast.) on the 30th and thus I wanted to sew something for my beloved boyfriend. It's the Jason vest from BurdaStyle.

I hadn't imagine that it would turn out that good and it seems as if he liked it a lot, so I am very glad. I only had to make some changes on the back. Somehow the armholes were too big and I had to narrow from the sides.

Anyway, I can only recommend you this pattern in case you are looking for a men's vest. I wish there were far more men's pattern. Somehow they are still really rare, don't you think? Can you recommend any men's pattern? I would love to sew more men's wear.


  1. This vest turned out very nicely, indeed! I’m also on the look out for good “man” patterns and hear the "Negroni" shirt by Colette Patterns is quite good so I’m planning on making it for my husband.

  2. I´ve just finished a Burda Style shirt and turned out great. He liked it so I´m making two more.
    The vest is amazing and the welted pocket is couture. You´re so talented.

  3. Great job! And your boyfriend's tattoos are so beautiful.
    I have purchased the Negroni pattern to make a shirt for my boyfriend, but still haven't tried it. Burda magazine includes a few man patterns a couple times a year, but they usually look quite frumpy...

  4. Looks great! And congratulations on your 9th anniversary! May you have many happy years together :)

    This Good Life

  5. @ Andrea and Anna:
    Guess I really need to get my hands on the Negroni Pattern! So far I have only heard wonderful things about it. Thanks for the hint! :)

  6. @la inglesita
    Long time no hear Maria! Thank you so much. What Burda shirt did you make? :)

  7. @{ T G L }
    Thank you for these beautiful wishes!!!

  8. @Paunnet
    haha...he loves his tattoos...I, well, there are some that I like more and some that I like less. ;)
    Are you into tattoos Anna?

  9. This vest just looks fabulous. :)
    I guess, I really need to get more brave, and just try it, although this seems to me quite advanced... But I really like it too much, and I guess so my husband would, than not to try it.


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