London Calling

As you might know I have been in London last week! I went there together with my brother and sister-in-law who are on vacation in Germany to visit our parents and me. Because they live in Taiwan I see them only once in a year or in two years. So I was pretty excited and happy to go with them on this trip.

I just wanted to share some impressions about this eclectic city. This has been my 3rd time in London and we didn't have too much time, so we kept the sightseeing limited.

Sightseeing in London (Click to enlarge)

I guess Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Hyde Park are a MUST when visiting London! We were quite lucky, when we went to Tower Bridge on the last evening the bridge was opened for larger ships. I had never seen this before. I like the bridge better illuminated in the evening. 

Camden Market
On the first day we arrived in the afternoon and had only limited time to spent, so we went to Camden Market, which was near our hotel. It is always nice to go there and have a look around. Lots of curious stuff and people. Also lots of handmade things!

Goldhawk Road

We also went to Goldhawk Road, which is famous for its lots of fabric stores, mainly run by Indian and Arab people. Waaaaah, so much fabric, it was really hard for me to choose only few. My fabric stash is currently so full, I really had to restrain myself!

Nottinghill, Portobello Road
On saturday we went to the market in Nottinghill. It was very crowded but so so interesting. They did not only have vegetables and fruits, but also antiques and vintage stuff AND lots of good smelling food booths. We tried some Ghanaian food. It was a peanut & chicken stew. WOW, that was so delicious. I definitely have to google whether I can find a similar recipe! Also I loved the little pugs you see above. Actually, I don't know whom they belonged to because they were just tied together and had to stay together all the time...hhm, quite bad if one dislikes the other. ;)

Brick Lane in London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Then in the afternoon of our last day we went to Brick Lane. Oh, I wish we had gone there earlier. It was almost 6 p.m. and thus the shops were closing. Extremely beautiful looking vintage shops and lots of little independent designers. It was a real pity, anyway, there were lots of curious, little bars and so we spent some time in there, before getting back home with our 10 hours bus tour. :)

LOVE food! :)
P.S.: Some of the food we ate in London! I have to say that I loved their fish & chips! I was a little sceptical, at first, but it was GREAT! I could eat it far more often! :)...aswell, as the indian curry with nan next to it! Aaah, so so good...


  1. Sounds like a lovely trip. Is that the nautical jacket you just made that I see on the photos of Brick Lane? If so, it looks great “in action”!

  2. Sounds like you had great fun! :) The pics look great and I love that little blue hat your sister in law is wearing...

  3. It seams that you wisited wonderful places. I have been in London once but had not wisited much of those places that you did. I am going to wisite London once more in august.I should see some of those streets that you did :-) Thanks for shearing!

  4. What pretty pictures! Thanks for posting this post! x Lily Razz

  5. Three days is definitely too less time for london. but probably even a very long time is too less time for this gorgeous city! the pictures look like you had lots of fun!

  6. Great pictures, Nette!! London sure is an exciting place to be! I have visited London 5 times, but I still haven't seen a half of the city! I didn't know about Goldhawk Road...I wish I could go there now and get some fabric :) Yes, I love fish & chips too!! I also had one of the best curry dishes ever in London. Awesome!!

  7. Great pictures! They make me want to go again! I've been there four times and every time I'm planning a trip I always think "what about London?" :) It's just that good. And thank you for the fabric store info, I didn't know about that street. Until the next time... Oh and I LOVE your blog!!

  8. aah, endlih mal wieder blogs lesen...

    mopsbild=bestes bild!

    du siehst so frisch aus mit den kürzeren haaren! juliaFL

  9. I recently moved to London. I'm glad that you mentioned the fabric district. Now I can go shopping! :)


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