Long time no see!

Oh, you wonderful people. Thank you so so much for your support! ♥...The competition is not over, yet. So it is still extremely exciting for me. But you know, even if I shouldn't win the sewing machine, I am already ultimately happy knowing that I have so much support from all over the world. Thank you so so much.

Your comments were so heart warming. And yes, indeed, I do not own a sewing machine, yet. :) Luckily, I may use my mother's machine from time to time, but because she is a passionate seamstress, too, we sometimes have to fight (in a fun way!) about who is allowed to make some stitches next! :P And I also enjoy doing hand stitching...anyway, having my very own machine would definitely help a lot. :)

So you might wonder where I have been for over a week? I finally came to finish my diploma thesis and turned it in on monday. I was so exhausted afterwards, that I took a sleep for 12 hours. I cannot imagine when it was the last time I slept so so well. Anyway, now I got sick, so I cannot take any new project photos. I have lots to show you, so please have a cup of tea and wait a little longer for 3 new dresses to come up very soon! :)

By the way, some of you asked me how to give my project a heart additionally to the facebook 'like'. It is very easy. Simply visit my project and click on the plus sign (see the blue arrow on the following image):

I am so glad having started to blog! Thank you dear readers so so much!
See you very very soon with lots of new creations! :)


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

  2. Get well soon, Nette! I'm happy that now you can catch a breath from your hard work!

  3. Nothing better than your own sewing machine!'beterschap' (get well soon) from Holland ;)


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