Pole dancing?!

Wow, it has been almost a week since I turned in my diploma thesis. A very strange feeling, I can tell you. All those years I spent at university are now a part of my past...well, at least I hope so! :)

Now, new ways are turning up and I am not quite sure, yet, which one to choose. I guess I need a little more time to think over what I really wish for my future and look out for what possibilities I have, in order to feel certain.

At least I got back on track with my sewing passion! :) Here we go. It is a jumpsuit!!! I saw this pattern in a Japanese magazine and always kept this one in mind. Last week I got really lucky and found this beautiful flowery rayon fabric at our local fabric store for only 3 Euro per metre. I fell in love at once!!!

Although we had some very cold days last week (13 degrees celsius!)... today was a perfect summer day (35 degrees celsius!)! 

This loose fit jumpsuit is just perfect for this weather. Feels like wearing almost nothing! 
And it is definitely more convenient than a dress or a skirt for my other passion: bike riding! 

I only wish I had better shoes to combine with this outfit! ;)

Have you ever made a jumpsuit? This is my first one and I was a little skeptical at the begin- ning. Do you think it would have looked better with long pants?

Wishing all of you some perfect summery days to come!


Long time no see!

Oh, you wonderful people. Thank you so so much for your support! ♥...The competition is not over, yet. So it is still extremely exciting for me. But you know, even if I shouldn't win the sewing machine, I am already ultimately happy knowing that I have so much support from all over the world. Thank you so so much.

Your comments were so heart warming. And yes, indeed, I do not own a sewing machine, yet. :) Luckily, I may use my mother's machine from time to time, but because she is a passionate seamstress, too, we sometimes have to fight (in a fun way!) about who is allowed to make some stitches next! :P And I also enjoy doing hand stitching...anyway, having my very own machine would definitely help a lot. :)

So you might wonder where I have been for over a week? I finally came to finish my diploma thesis and turned it in on monday. I was so exhausted afterwards, that I took a sleep for 12 hours. I cannot imagine when it was the last time I slept so so well. Anyway, now I got sick, so I cannot take any new project photos. I have lots to show you, so please have a cup of tea and wait a little longer for 3 new dresses to come up very soon! :)

By the way, some of you asked me how to give my project a heart additionally to the facebook 'like'. It is very easy. Simply visit my project and click on the plus sign (see the blue arrow on the following image):

I am so glad having started to blog! Thank you dear readers so so much!
See you very very soon with lots of new creations! :)


Can I have your likes? ♥

Today I would like to ask you a favor. I hope this does not bug you, but perhaps you remember the post I made after having participated, in lots and lots countless sewing machine raffles without winning? Then you do know, that I decided at that time to make my very own, then. Well, what can I say, you know, spring has been going on for months and summer is soon to start...and...all the snow is gone and so is my snewing machine... hihi...

Anyway, I am participating in a raffle hold by a German website called 'Handmade Kultur' and hoping desperately to win my very own first sewing machine! All one has to do, in order to win, is get as many 'hearts' and 'Facebook likes' as possible. And that is why I am refering to you. Would you bother to vote for my 'scallop button up skirt'? I would be really grateful and, you know, every little vote counts. There is no obligation or condition for voting and you do not even need to log in. Simply go onto the page of my project and click either the plus sign in the line under the big headline next to the heart symbol or/and like my project on Facebook, which you can do right under the project photo and description.

Photo by Christian Haugen via Flickr
So if you do not mind, please be so kind to give me some likes! :) Usually, I would not use the blog to make any requests...but I would just be so happy to have my very own sewing machine.

Wishing everybody a good start into a new week and thank you so much in advance!!!


Counting sheeps

I don't know what it is exactly, but though I am so tired at night, I just cannot sleep very well...hmmm...guess it has something to do with my studies coming to an end very, very soon.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little project that I spent my nights with. An organic cotton sheep mobile. I made this from a book called 'Baby Stuff' by AranziAronzo, who have some of the cutest and sweetest ideas for little things.

It is a little present for my lovely friends Aya and Hans in Tokyo, who got married in Bavaria just this year. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to their wedding, which made me really sad. So I am really looking forward to see them again some time in the future, hopefully, in Tokyo.
Anyway, congratulations Aya & Hans!!! ♥ As soon as I have finished my studies I will get in contact with you!

Wishing you, dear readers, a beautiful day and a good sleep at night (which is so so very important). :)


Ginger Party! Yeay!

Finally, I can show you my finished ginger! Taking part in this sew along really was a lot of fun! And, additionally, I learnt a lot new stuff, like e.g. how to add piping accurately (if you don't know, yet, take a look at Sunni's great post!). One thing I did miss out on AGAIN was how to insert an invisible zipper with a sewing machine. Studies took plenty of my time, so that I just couldn't concentrate to really learn that lesson. That is why I had to sew it in by hand AGAIN...I will definitely, try to learn that soon...guess, once managed I could save a lot of time! :)

So here comes my part in the Ginger Party!

And a little close up.

Have a look at what all the other lovely participants made:
Have a beautiful day everybody!

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