Work in Progress - Ginger - ♥ Pockets

As you might know, I am taking part in Sunni's Ginger Sewalong and it really is a lot of fun to see how many variations for this simple skirt are possible. 
While making my very own version, I realized, that my fabric choice really was a little too plain. So I thought about how to spice it up additionaly to the stripy bias on the waist band. Sunni made a wonderful post about how to add some pockets and that is what I went for, too. 

Piped heart-shaped pockets! ... is that a little too cute?! ... I guess it is due to the color of this soft corduroy, that only cute ideas came up my mind. ;)

Anyway, I like them a lot and thought about sharing the process on how to make some yourself (if you like).

So here we go!

First of all you will need to cut a paper in heart shape, just the size you want it to be once finished. The measurements you see on the photos are in cm.

Then put your heart pattern onto the right side of the fabric of your choice. The pattern will help you to pin the piping in heart-shape onto the fabric.

Next use your zipper food in order to stitch the piping onto the fabric. Cut the fabric's seam allowance orientating on the piping's seam allowance.

Cut another heart (with seam allowance) out of some lining fabric and right sides facing pin them onto each other. In order to stitch them together, use again the conventional zipper food on your machine and stitch exactly on the seam that appeared, when you stitched the piping on the first piece of fabric. Don't forget to leave a little opening in order to turn the whole thing inside out!

But before turning the right sides outside you will need to trim the seam allowance just a little more and clip some notches, in order to get a nicely curved heart.

Turn right sides inside out through the small opening and press. Then close the opening with some hand stitching.

The last step is to simply place the hearts onto the skirt and either stitch them with your machine or with hand. I think I will try it with some invisible handstitching in order to avoid additional seams.

Finished! :) Not very functional, but indeed very sweet little pockets, which would fit many other garments, too, I think.

Hope you liked this little spontaneous tutorial! Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!


  1. This is adorable! I actually just blogged about my need to incorporate heart shaped pockets into my wardrobe/life.

  2. Super cute!
    I'm thinking to put some pockets too, but I haven't decided yet!

  3. i really like your blog, you make the cutest things. i do feel inspired! (: all the best,

  4. Hi nette,
    Your creations look always adorable!
    I really envy your creative talent. (^-^)

  5. @Hippopotamuslee
    Thank you for your lovely comment and hint at your post! Wow, these pants really are awesome! I would take them at once! :)

  6. @Paunnet
    Thanks Anna! I am curious to see how yours will turn out! Have you started already?

  7. @laura
    These lovely comments like yours always make my day! Thank you Laura, I really hope I can keep you inspired! :)

  8. aaaah...taeco, thanks, but you are yourself extremely talented!!! read on burdastyle that you are trying to get a license for teaching pattern making? awesome!

  9. die sind ja lieb. die könnt ich meiner nichte mal aufs kleidchen machen. tolle anleitung!!

  10. These are the cutest patch pockets, very nice job.


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