Mom inspired Sewing

Some weeks ago The Sew Weekly had the theme 'mom' going on. The task was to use an old photo as inspiration for one's creation.  Unfortunately, I did not have any time to participate, but I kept the idea in mind because I simply LOVE what my mom wore when she was at my age (of course she has given away ALL the things I like and saved only very few precious items). :)

Anyway, so I flicked through her old photo albums and found this wonderful watermelon green blouse with a large bow on the front. Needless to say it is one of the beautiful pieces she gave away or lost anywhere or something. ;)
Luckily, I had some watermelon green cotton new to my fabric stash and thus was hooked immediately by this design.
Well, but to be inspired is not like to copy that exact piece, right? That wouldn't have worked, anyway, because I only had one yard to work with. ;)

That is why I opted once more for the Wenlan blouse by Twinkle, but made some changes on the collar, which is usually wrinkled. I made mine only with a width of 4 cm and also skipped the opening on the back and made one on the shoulder seam.
The bow on the front of my mom's blouse twisted to the shoulder on mine. And last but not least I also added some lace on the front as it would have been a little too green without.

So this is this week's one piece! Regulation is still up! Hope you have far more time to sew than me right now! :)

P.S.: Wish I would have had more time to take more lookalike photos...but you know, studies are still awaiting me. This will change at the latest in one month! Don't forget to keep your fingers crossed please! :D


  1. Ooh I love it! The bow on the shoulder is so cute!

  2. Your blouse is adorable! I wish the pattern was just a little bit more affordable, considering it's a print at home. I'll just have to wait until I know for sure I'll make it...which will be soon!

  3. Deine Mama ist so stylisch!
    Ich liebe diese Fotos von früher :)

    Deine Bluse ist soooo schön! Grün ist überhaupt der Hit <3

  4. Wow, really fun project and amazing result! Love that blouse!

  5. wirklich wunderschön und die farbe steht dir ausgezeichnet!

  6. i love the color as well as teh style. you have a pretty fashionable mom nette.

  7. I like the style and also the idea of tie the bow at the shoulder seam!! Your mom is so stylish as much as you are;)

  8. What a great, adorable blouse! I love the colour green, it's even the same green as your mother's blouse... Very cute sleeve. Well done!

  9. Lucy Huggins9/26/2011 3:57 PM

    where do I get the pattern to make this ?

  10. @Lucy Huggins
    Hi Lucy! Hope you will read this! :) The pattern can be found on BurdaStyle



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