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I totally forgot to post the dress-blouse I made for myself to wear on Easter! So here we go!

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I made this dress out of super soft salmon colored flannel. I love to wear this because it is so so comfortable. It is the same fabric I used in order to make the little elephant for Chie's baby girl.

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Anyway, the pattern was drafted according to a blouse of mine. I altered the neckline because I wanted a v-shaped one without collar. The lower skirt part is just a rectangle in the width of the fabric, ruffled and attached to the upper part. Easy-peasy! :D

By the way, I am about to finish the tutorial for the scallop button up skirt of my last post! Thank you everybody for your lovely comments! Oh, I am so excited to share it. I think, I can finish it by the end of this week! So stay tuned! ;)


  1. Wow, die Bluse ist aber süß. Schaut genau richtig aus für den Sommer :) Ich werkel grad noch ein meinem lässigen Schnitt, aber gestreifter Stoff ist da etwas tricky :S Grüße!

  2. Du bist sehr schön in diese Kleid!! Ich möchte die Farbe...

  3. You are such a talented seamstress! All of your sewing projects are lovely and so professional :)

  4. It's sweet and comfortable! I love this style, how you're wearing it with jeans, I usually dress the same!

  5. pretty dress by a pretty talented lady like you nette. seriously, im inspired to learn and sew with your posts.

  6. schööööööön!! und du siehst auch wunderschön aus!

  7. The dress is super cute! I like the color :)

    Wow! How did you do this picture?? You are moving!!

  8. Thank you girls for your lovely comments! :)

  9. @★Jewel★
    Hi Jewel.:) That is super easy! You can create a .gif file with your photos. Here I used picasion.com


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