Work in Progress - Ginger - ♥ Pockets

As you might know, I am taking part in Sunni's Ginger Sewalong and it really is a lot of fun to see how many variations for this simple skirt are possible. 
While making my very own version, I realized, that my fabric choice really was a little too plain. So I thought about how to spice it up additionaly to the stripy bias on the waist band. Sunni made a wonderful post about how to add some pockets and that is what I went for, too. 

Piped heart-shaped pockets! ... is that a little too cute?! ... I guess it is due to the color of this soft corduroy, that only cute ideas came up my mind. ;)

Anyway, I like them a lot and thought about sharing the process on how to make some yourself (if you like).

So here we go!

First of all you will need to cut a paper in heart shape, just the size you want it to be once finished. The measurements you see on the photos are in cm.

Then put your heart pattern onto the right side of the fabric of your choice. The pattern will help you to pin the piping in heart-shape onto the fabric.

Next use your zipper food in order to stitch the piping onto the fabric. Cut the fabric's seam allowance orientating on the piping's seam allowance.

Cut another heart (with seam allowance) out of some lining fabric and right sides facing pin them onto each other. In order to stitch them together, use again the conventional zipper food on your machine and stitch exactly on the seam that appeared, when you stitched the piping on the first piece of fabric. Don't forget to leave a little opening in order to turn the whole thing inside out!

But before turning the right sides outside you will need to trim the seam allowance just a little more and clip some notches, in order to get a nicely curved heart.

Turn right sides inside out through the small opening and press. Then close the opening with some hand stitching.

The last step is to simply place the hearts onto the skirt and either stitch them with your machine or with hand. I think I will try it with some invisible handstitching in order to avoid additional seams.

Finished! :) Not very functional, but indeed very sweet little pockets, which would fit many other garments, too, I think.

Hope you liked this little spontaneous tutorial! Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!


Mom inspired Sewing

Some weeks ago The Sew Weekly had the theme 'mom' going on. The task was to use an old photo as inspiration for one's creation.  Unfortunately, I did not have any time to participate, but I kept the idea in mind because I simply LOVE what my mom wore when she was at my age (of course she has given away ALL the things I like and saved only very few precious items). :)

Anyway, so I flicked through her old photo albums and found this wonderful watermelon green blouse with a large bow on the front. Needless to say it is one of the beautiful pieces she gave away or lost anywhere or something. ;)
Luckily, I had some watermelon green cotton new to my fabric stash and thus was hooked immediately by this design.
Well, but to be inspired is not like to copy that exact piece, right? That wouldn't have worked, anyway, because I only had one yard to work with. ;)

That is why I opted once more for the Wenlan blouse by Twinkle, but made some changes on the collar, which is usually wrinkled. I made mine only with a width of 4 cm and also skipped the opening on the back and made one on the shoulder seam.
The bow on the front of my mom's blouse twisted to the shoulder on mine. And last but not least I also added some lace on the front as it would have been a little too green without.

So this is this week's one piece! Regulation is still up! Hope you have far more time to sew than me right now! :)

P.S.: Wish I would have had more time to take more lookalike photos...but you know, studies are still awaiting me. This will change at the latest in one month! Don't forget to keep your fingers crossed please! :D


Ginger Sewalong - Fabric Selection

This is going to be a short post, only, but I just wanted to tell you, that I am going to take part in the Ginger Sewalong hosted on A Fashionable Stitch by Sunni!

I am really excited, as this is going to be my very first sew along and I don't really know, yet how it works. Anyway, I love the idea to be sewing the same project with so many other seamstresses worldwide. So I am pretty sure it is going to be lots of fun.

And here comes my fabric selection. Like so many of you, I have a huge fabric stash, too...so I decided on some fabric I already have and not to purchase more and more...I guess you can tell how hard that is! ;)

I chose this middle-weight, soft corduroy in pastel rosé. Then I thought this might be a little too boring and made up my mind how to spice it up. And tadaa, I plan on making some stripy piping in blue and white. Hopefully, that turns out as good as I imagine...

Are you taking part in this sewalong, too? Or have you already done so in the past? Let me know about your experiences! 
Bye, bye and have a lovely day!


60s me doing spring cleaning

After a whole week of non-blogging, I am finally back to show you what I made this week. I am so sorry, but my studies are currently that time consuming, forcing me even to impose a regulation of one project per week on myself. :(

That is quite hard, as you can imagine, but fortunately all this stress is going to have an end very soon!!!  So please cross your fingers for me!

Anyway, I tried my hands on one of Colette's new patterns called Violet this week. The peter pan collar is so adorable, that I just could not resist. I already loved the version done by Sarai on her spring palette. By the way, Patty from the snug bug also posted her so cute pretty in pink version just yesterday.

For my version I chose a very lightweight blue-red floral cotton. I made a size 4, but had to do several adjustments on the bust. Also I think that maybe the shoulders are a little big, so that I want to try a size smaller next time. I can definitely recommend this pattern. The instructions are so neat and the result is just lovely. 

Somehow wearing this blouse made me feel kind of vintage today. That is why I wanted to try something new with the presentation of this project. The theme is pretty clear I guess! 60s housewife doing spring cleaning! ;) ...aww, I know, kind of lame, but anyway, for a first vintage inspired shoot, these ain't sooo bad.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

P.S.: Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the scallop button up skirt pattern! I even got featured on BurdaStyle and that just extremely made my day! I hope you are going to enjoy sewing your own versions!!!


DIY Scallop Button Up Skirt - Pattern & How-To

Et voilà! Mesdames et Messieurs, je voudrais présenter les 'Pattern and How-To' pour le 'Scallop Button Up Skirt'! Don't ask!...I just somehow wanted to write anything on French...desperately hoping I did not make any grammar or spelling mistakes in this short introduction! ;)

Anyway, first of all, I wanted to thank you, my dear readers, so much for all those lovely comments. It was a real pleasure to make a pattern and how-to for this skirt, having in mind, that some of you really asked for one.

So I did my very best to write a detailed instruction and draw a well printable pattern. Please have in mind, that this is my first time making a pattern for a garment. I think, it cannot turn out totally wrong (into some trousers or anything!), but especially, if you are about to resize it, just be careful and reflect about each step.

If there are any questions, critic or other useful or just nice feedback, please feel free to contact me! And as I am extremely curious how this pattern works for you, if you don't mind, please send me a photo! :)

Happy sewing everybody:

Click the left image for instructions and the right image for the pattern.


a little late...

I totally forgot to post the dress-blouse I made for myself to wear on Easter! So here we go!

Click to enlarge

I made this dress out of super soft salmon colored flannel. I love to wear this because it is so so comfortable. It is the same fabric I used in order to make the little elephant for Chie's baby girl.

make an avatar

Anyway, the pattern was drafted according to a blouse of mine. I altered the neckline because I wanted a v-shaped one without collar. The lower skirt part is just a rectangle in the width of the fabric, ruffled and attached to the upper part. Easy-peasy! :D

By the way, I am about to finish the tutorial for the scallop button up skirt of my last post! Thank you everybody for your lovely comments! Oh, I am so excited to share it. I think, I can finish it by the end of this week! So stay tuned! ;)
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