♪♪ Pay it forward 2011 ♪♪

I was soo looking forward to post my little prezzies for 'Pay it forward 2011', but in order to keep the participants surprised I needed to wait until all packages arrived! :)

(To Iveta from Latvia: I don't know whether your package arrived, yet, if not and you want to keep yourself surprised, then STOP reading here! :D )

So here they are! I made little pocket mirrors and embroidered the back side with each person's initial. Kimberly from the lovely blog chez sucre chez was so nice to let me use her patterns (by the way, she has a wonderful shop on etsy, which you should really stop by!).

I tried to individualize each person's gifts.

This red combination was for Oona from NY! I love this energetic red and thought this should suit perfectly to her because I think she has such a vital and fun personality.

This spring onion is, actually, one of my favorite fabrics. Paunnet told me that her favorite color is black and that she loves laces. So I tried to involve these into the pocket mirror.

This classy and cute combination goes to Natty Jane. She uses classy colors for her own creations most of the time, so I thought this would suit her well.

 A fun and colorful combination for Iveta from Latvia! Perfect for the hopefully soon coming summer! :)

And last but not least a feminine, simple, yet cute combination for Chie from Japan. She is having her first little baby soon, so I simply had to make her baby girl a little companion to welcome her! :)

This 'Pay it forward' has been soo much fun! I can  only recommend you to participate, if you get the chance to! Have a lovely day everybody!!!


  1. Very nice, I'm sure all the recipients were thrilled!

  2. so pretty surprises:-D

    nobody still participated in my pay it forward posting. anybody still interested? u can go to this post here http://dihayco.blogspot.com/2011/03/pay-it-forward-2011.html

    4 slots left.

  3. your gifts were WONDERFUL, nette, i'm so glad i played!

  4. Sweet Sweet Nette:* Yes, I was yesterday reed about your plan:) And today I was in my place, and then I go to post (mail arrived on april 9) ! Here it is http://wonderosa.net/2011/04/14/atveram-davanu-kopa-lets-open-the-gift-together/
    I am very happy for this suprise!

  5. you put so much thought and love into these, wonderful! I would have loved to participate myself, maybe next year if I'm better organized!

  6. So pretty! I love the scalloped hem on the bags :)

  7. wow, Nette, you made all these beautiful things, incredible! I really like your bags, it looks like it was a lot of work and I´m sure those who received your gifts are beyond happy!


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