Happy Easter & Misc III (Thank you!)

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you are enjoying your holidays?
So far mine were quite nice and the weather was just more than perfect with around 25 degrees celsius and lots of sunshine.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my easter presents. While looking at the next photo PLEASE don't laugh!!! I know it is far away from perfect, but honestly, for a first try of portrait embroidery, it is not that bad, right? At least I can recognize who they are! :)

This easter I gave everyone something embroidered. Here comes some of the other stuff.

And while I am already doing a post about prezzies I wanted to share with you what I got in my mail last week! First I won something on the Japan Quake Appeal raffle done by super nice Lou of Happy Serendipity. Thank you Lou so so much for this unbelievable soft and light-weight circle scarf with individualized lettering and that super cute felt and lace key pendant, which I had to use right away! By the way! Lou has an Etsy shop with lots of stuff "hand made with care and love and a little oomph". :D

And last BUT definitely not least, I just got my 'Pay it Forward' present from Shannon of the blog called MushyWear!!! It took a long, long way from Hawaii. Isn't this little bag just too cute!? I love the fabrics she used and am  so impressed how professional and carefully it was made! Thank you so so much Shannon! It was such a pleasure to participate and I love the postcard and gift wrapping paper a lot, too! Hopefully, I can make it to Hawaii one day! Then we could start a sewing session on the beach together! ;)


  1. Great job on your first portrait embroidery! I am so glad you liked the gift. The purse is made from a pattern called "The Essential Bag" by the Country Quilter. I would love to sew with you on the beach someday, maybe snorkel too! Have a great week!

  2. wow. i'm loving the embroidered portrait. fantastic work.

  3. All of your embroidered pieces look really great! The portrait is the sweetest idea ever!
    Can I ask you what fabric did you use for them? Thanks :)

  4. @Paunnet
    Hi Anna! :) Thank you! I used some rough textured linen. I think it was not really supposed for embroidery, but it turned out to be textured enough to count the stitches.

  5. The portrait is so cute and creative. Amazing work! I wish I could do that!

  6. Wow, Annette!! You did a +++GREAT job on the embroidery! I just realized that I am also a fan of your embroidery work:) The cushion is so so sweet! I love its design so much.

  7. Oh my goodness Annette, at first I thought that they are my husband and I! He is a red head, and I have dark long hair!
    You did a great job!

  8. yay. ich freue mich das du dich gefreut hast. vielen lieben dank nochmal fürs spenden und mitmachen. :-)


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