Yesterday, I found some offwhite leather scraps in one of our boxes and I had to think of clouds right away. Momentarily the weather in Germany is far from cloudy, which I like a lot, but a few clouds here and there are lovely, too, right?

So I simply decided to make my own. I made three different sized cloud templates and copied them onto the leather. Then I cut rectangles into some of them and sewed zippers in before placing front and back side onto each other and sewing the outlines. And tadaaa little cloudy poches! :)

All items found on etsy (find the related links in the text)

I did not know that there are so many cloud related items! Look at these aren't they just adorable? 

There is cloudy art reminding one to appreciate every day no matter which weather is awaiting you outside.

Then there are magnetic clouds for the refrigerator and lovely clouds on bento box bags.

Lovely art work relating clouds with Dia de los Muertos.

One of my favorites is the pearl person brooch by hairy sock. A little cute girl (at least in my imagination! :D ) standing in a cloud.

And last but not least even more cloudy art work!

Cloud stools (photo by Joon&Jung)

And then there are so extremely inspiring designteller like Joon&Jung from South Korea. They made a whole cloudy landscape with beautiful, though even functional cloud stools!
Cloud Umbrella (photo by Joon&Jung)

And have a look at this one! A cloudy umbrella for you to walk around! I would not care about rainy days at all, if I had one of these!
I would even say: "More rainy days for me please!" :D


  1. the cloud umbrella is hilarious! I wonder how it gets closed!

  2. I love your pouches! How cute! They totally make me think of wonderful spring showers!

  3. hi annettchen,

    gefällt mir, dein post! wo hast du denn bitte diesen schirm gefunden? ich bin total fasziniert, was für eine bombige idee!
    sonnigen tag noch!
    lg, julia FL

  4. nette, you are SO creative. i love all the cloud finds but your pouches are the BEST! you could have a tiny lettering on the back about saving your pennies for a rainy day.

  5. How creative, nette! these are adorable, so cute!

  6. Liebe Nette,

    das sind einfach wundervolle Täschchen!

    Liebe Grüsse,


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