Bastelwunder - Handicraft Wonder :)

Oh, this day started quite nicely! I got mail from German 'Bastelwunder' (a wonderful blog, which collects lots of beautiful and inspiring handicraft blogs)! They were so lovely to tell me that they featured my blog. AND, indeed, they wrote very, very nice things about me and my blog, so I got blushed immediately! :)

Nette on Bastelwunder
I don't know whether you are really interested in me translating this short intro-duction...I just wanted to share with you because it made me so happy today! ;)
Anyway, though almost all blogs featured on Bastel-wunder are in German, you should stop by their blog roll. There are lots of beautiful and inspiring blogs featured there and even though you might not understand a word, just looking at the photos is very nice, too!

Have a lovely day everybody! I will be back tomorrow showing you what I made for my dear 'Pay it Forward 2011' participants!


  1. Ohhhh, das ist aber mal wirklich ein liebevolles Feature von dir! Liest sich super, und recht haben sie auch! Ich freu mich sehr für dich ^_^

  2. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch und Danke fuer diesen schoenen Link-Tip!

  3. Gratulation! Das Feature ist toll geschrieben und beschreibt Deinen Blog wirklich ganz hervorragend.

  4. @MeikeVanessa
    Danke dir Liebes! Ich hab mich riesig gefreut! <3

  5. @ anna & nauli: danke für die gratulationen! es ist schön zu wissen, dass hier auch ein paar deutsche follower sind! ;)

  6. Congrats! I'll see if there's some German left in my brain since high school...


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