So sorry, for the lack of posts these days. But, finally, I am back on track. I was busy finishing all my little 'Pay it forward 2011' gifts and took them to the post office last saturday! I would love to show you those, but you will have to wait a little, because I want the participants to have a little surprise, as they do not know, yet, what I made for them. :)

Meanwhile I took my hands on grainline's Tiny Pocket Tank. Wow, I love this pattern! It is such a simple and casual style and it made me quite addictive! So I ended up with three versions! :D

It is still a little too cold in Germany to wear tank tops, but I love their loose fit and they look great with a cardi or blazer. So if you like simple and easy projects, this one really should be on your list! I will definitely make some more in the future!

By the way, I am currently preparing a little surprise for all you seamstresses and sewing beginners. I cannot tell you about it, yet, but it will be disclosed in about two weeks!

Wishing everybody a sunny thursday!


  1. I just couldn't say which I like most. Beautiful fabrics! and nice shape too. I understand this might be addictive ;-)

  2. that is such a lovely tank top for summer.
    i think such pattern will surely great on me since im still a novice in the sewing world.

    oh yeah, the weather here too in Poland sucks..cant wait to wear lighter clothings and just tank top and cotton dresses.

    by the way, let me ask you if u know any online fabric store in germany since germany and poland are just borders away. i am having hard time lookign for good fabric store here in Poland since i am a foreigner here.
    thank's and more power to ur site.

  3. Very cute! It inspires me to try the same pattern.
    Thanks for your blog - it's so fun to follow.
    Vanessa from Montreal :)

  4. I love them all, you fabric choices are so refreshing!

    I really need to make a few top for Spring too, I have no idea what I wore last year. :) I'll have to check this pattern out.

  5. Such a beautiful top! I'm going to have to get my hands on that pattern.

  6. You're busy as a little bee:)

  7. Oh, you´re so hardworking! I like the one with polka dots! Looking forward to your surprises :).

  8. the middle print really stands out! :)

  9. Lovely vest tops...i need to make something cool for the weekend, apparently we are going to have a heatwave in the U.K :)

  10. Love the tank tops. The loose fit would be so comfortable in hot humid weather!

  11. hahaha, perfekt zum essen! :D gefallen mir sehr gut!

  12. @Ai

    Thanks Ai! Yes, as a novice this pattern is just perfect. And although it is that simple you learn several techniques, like, for example, for finishing the neckline. :)

    I couldn't find your email adress, so I am replying to your question here. Hopefully, you will read this! :)
    I know 4 German online fabric shops, who would also ship to Poland. Here they are:

    https://www.alfatex.de/ (English available)

    http://www.frautulpe.de/ (English available)



    Hope this helps!

  13. @Alexandra Mason I can only recommend this to you then, as it is like MushyWear says, the loose fit is just perfect for such a weather! Wish you a wonderful weekend and enjoy the heatwave! :)

  14. @Sarah

    hahaha, das hab ich mir auch sofort gedacht...und der nächste gedanke war dann: die sarah denkt das bestimmt auch! :D...zwei doofe ein gedanke... <3

  15. Wow, they are so very cute;) Oh, I cannot wait to see your little surprise :D

  16. Hi Nette,

    so kind of you to really reply to my queries. Oh yeah, i got it all, and hopefully get to shop there soon. thank you so much. I am learning from your site. have a nice weekend!


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