Scallop Button Up Skirt...hihihi...

Last weekend I have been so excited reading on Megan Nielsen's blog, that she was preparing a DIY for a scallop skirt! I have always wanted one, but never found a pattern for that and somehow did not even think about making one myself. 
Anyway, she made a really wonderful and easy to follow tutorial for a scallop skirt with elastic waistband, which in addition to that is also reversible!
Unfortunately, what I had in my mind was a scalloped skirt with button up front!
...sigh...nevertheless, Megan's tutorial motivated me to give it a try myself. :)

I am so glad that I had the heart to draft this skirt pattern myself! It just turned out as I imagined and I  couldn't stop giggling after trying it on because I was so happy.
So this is the version I was thinking of: a middle waisted and light ruffled straight skirt with button up front, side pockets and scalloped hem.

I just love it and am planning to make several versions for summer.

Also I was thinking about whether to make a free pattern & tutorial version for downloading. What do you think? Would you like to make one like this?

Update: Instructions and Pattern are now downloadable here!


Happy Easter & Misc III (Thank you!)

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you are enjoying your holidays?
So far mine were quite nice and the weather was just more than perfect with around 25 degrees celsius and lots of sunshine.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my easter presents. While looking at the next photo PLEASE don't laugh!!! I know it is far away from perfect, but honestly, for a first try of portrait embroidery, it is not that bad, right? At least I can recognize who they are! :)

This easter I gave everyone something embroidered. Here comes some of the other stuff.

And while I am already doing a post about prezzies I wanted to share with you what I got in my mail last week! First I won something on the Japan Quake Appeal raffle done by super nice Lou of Happy Serendipity. Thank you Lou so so much for this unbelievable soft and light-weight circle scarf with individualized lettering and that super cute felt and lace key pendant, which I had to use right away! By the way! Lou has an Etsy shop with lots of stuff "hand made with care and love and a little oomph". :D

And last BUT definitely not least, I just got my 'Pay it Forward' present from Shannon of the blog called MushyWear!!! It took a long, long way from Hawaii. Isn't this little bag just too cute!? I love the fabrics she used and am  so impressed how professional and carefully it was made! Thank you so so much Shannon! It was such a pleasure to participate and I love the postcard and gift wrapping paper a lot, too! Hopefully, I can make it to Hawaii one day! Then we could start a sewing session on the beach together! ;)



Yesterday, I found some offwhite leather scraps in one of our boxes and I had to think of clouds right away. Momentarily the weather in Germany is far from cloudy, which I like a lot, but a few clouds here and there are lovely, too, right?

So I simply decided to make my own. I made three different sized cloud templates and copied them onto the leather. Then I cut rectangles into some of them and sewed zippers in before placing front and back side onto each other and sewing the outlines. And tadaaa little cloudy poches! :)

All items found on etsy (find the related links in the text)

I did not know that there are so many cloud related items! Look at these aren't they just adorable? 

There is cloudy art reminding one to appreciate every day no matter which weather is awaiting you outside.

Then there are magnetic clouds for the refrigerator and lovely clouds on bento box bags.

Lovely art work relating clouds with Dia de los Muertos.

One of my favorites is the pearl person brooch by hairy sock. A little cute girl (at least in my imagination! :D ) standing in a cloud.

And last but not least even more cloudy art work!

Cloud stools (photo by Joon&Jung)

And then there are so extremely inspiring designteller like Joon&Jung from South Korea. They made a whole cloudy landscape with beautiful, though even functional cloud stools!
Cloud Umbrella (photo by Joon&Jung)

And have a look at this one! A cloudy umbrella for you to walk around! I would not care about rainy days at all, if I had one of these!
I would even say: "More rainy days for me please!" :D


Surprise - Jumping in for lovely Vivat Veritas

Surprise, surprise...finally, as promised, I can disclose it! I am jumping in for a guest post on Chie's blog 'Vivat Veritas'.

You surely know her and if you don't, you should know her from now on! :) She makes wonderfully feminine dresses, just have a glance at her Secret Garden Lookbook!

Anyway, as she has delivered her first baby girl these days, she asked me to do a little guest post in her absence and I just LOVED to! So I made up my mind and thought about what I could actually offer. 

And this is what I meant with an upcoming goodie for all the seamstresses and sewing beginners! 

I drafted my very first epattern and step by step instruction for the bag, I made several versions of, for 'Pay it forward'. Just jump over to Chie's and you can get your own free downloadable pdf!

This simple bag is just full of endless possible variations and I hope you are going to enjoy making one!


♪♪ Pay it forward 2011 ♪♪

I was soo looking forward to post my little prezzies for 'Pay it forward 2011', but in order to keep the participants surprised I needed to wait until all packages arrived! :)

(To Iveta from Latvia: I don't know whether your package arrived, yet, if not and you want to keep yourself surprised, then STOP reading here! :D )

So here they are! I made little pocket mirrors and embroidered the back side with each person's initial. Kimberly from the lovely blog chez sucre chez was so nice to let me use her patterns (by the way, she has a wonderful shop on etsy, which you should really stop by!).

I tried to individualize each person's gifts.

This red combination was for Oona from NY! I love this energetic red and thought this should suit perfectly to her because I think she has such a vital and fun personality.

This spring onion is, actually, one of my favorite fabrics. Paunnet told me that her favorite color is black and that she loves laces. So I tried to involve these into the pocket mirror.

This classy and cute combination goes to Natty Jane. She uses classy colors for her own creations most of the time, so I thought this would suit her well.

 A fun and colorful combination for Iveta from Latvia! Perfect for the hopefully soon coming summer! :)

And last but not least a feminine, simple, yet cute combination for Chie from Japan. She is having her first little baby soon, so I simply had to make her baby girl a little companion to welcome her! :)

This 'Pay it forward' has been soo much fun! I can  only recommend you to participate, if you get the chance to! Have a lovely day everybody!!!


Bastelwunder - Handicraft Wonder :)

Oh, this day started quite nicely! I got mail from German 'Bastelwunder' (a wonderful blog, which collects lots of beautiful and inspiring handicraft blogs)! They were so lovely to tell me that they featured my blog. AND, indeed, they wrote very, very nice things about me and my blog, so I got blushed immediately! :)

Nette on Bastelwunder
I don't know whether you are really interested in me translating this short intro-duction...I just wanted to share with you because it made me so happy today! ;)
Anyway, though almost all blogs featured on Bastel-wunder are in German, you should stop by their blog roll. There are lots of beautiful and inspiring blogs featured there and even though you might not understand a word, just looking at the photos is very nice, too!

Have a lovely day everybody! I will be back tomorrow showing you what I made for my dear 'Pay it Forward 2011' participants!



So sorry, for the lack of posts these days. But, finally, I am back on track. I was busy finishing all my little 'Pay it forward 2011' gifts and took them to the post office last saturday! I would love to show you those, but you will have to wait a little, because I want the participants to have a little surprise, as they do not know, yet, what I made for them. :)

Meanwhile I took my hands on grainline's Tiny Pocket Tank. Wow, I love this pattern! It is such a simple and casual style and it made me quite addictive! So I ended up with three versions! :D

It is still a little too cold in Germany to wear tank tops, but I love their loose fit and they look great with a cardi or blazer. So if you like simple and easy projects, this one really should be on your list! I will definitely make some more in the future!

By the way, I am currently preparing a little surprise for all you seamstresses and sewing beginners. I cannot tell you about it, yet, but it will be disclosed in about two weeks!

Wishing everybody a sunny thursday!
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