Misc II

Monday again! Unbelievable how time goes by...hope you all had a nice weekend. So today's post is again about misc stuff I have been or am currently working on.
First of all, spring is still keeping us waiting...though sun is shining it is still so very, very cold. Maybe we should try to convince spring to come sooner with some dedicated projects? I have tried my part with this 'spring onion' inspired little casual bag.

left photo by robbplusjessie on flickr

Shiny Lemon vs. Warm Curry

I am also currently working on a spring jacket. This time a more colorful one, than my last grey boxy jacket. I bought a shiny lemon colored cotton, but as soon as part of the jacket was finished I realized, that a shiny lemon color really is not made for me (in addition to this, it really reminded me of the clothes German mailmen wear).
So I bought some curry colored pigment and just hoped that it might work out. I am really relieved. I would have never worn this jacket before, but now I can imagine, that the final jacket will turn out ok.

project is based on burda style 03/2011 no. 115

This is the project in process. The dying is a little unbalanced, but I do like it this way, because it gives the jacket some kind of used look. I am still looking for some lining, so it will still take some time until it is finished.

Here are some of my latest fabric findings!
Clockwise: A soft floral knitted fabric, which I am not sure whether to turn into a dress or a cardigan. 
A middle weight flannel in a warm rosé color.
A b & w jersey with a nice bordure, which I got at the very nice price of 3 Euro. I have this one in contrary colors, too. I am going to show it to you soon, because I have already turned it into a little dress (but it is just too cold outside).
And mustard colored silk which I found in my mother's fabric stash (and grasped for myself..hihi).

And last but not least I am also working on another wooden project. I bought this vintage printer's drawer. It was once used for printing letters and it is definitely correspondingly dirty. My idea is to turn it into a jewelry 'wardrobe' and to hang it on the wall.
That is why I am sanding the whole thing at nights, to make it kind of new again. I also exchanged the back wall because that one was made of press board only and was beyond remedy.

Top photo: before vs. Bottom photo: after

Wow, seems like I have had a lot to share today! Now, I will have to go back to my studies!
Wish you all a nice day! ♪♪


  1. Wooooow, you have been working pretty well! I love the jacket! It looks really nice on you. I'm sure you will enjoy wearing it! The green onion bag is so cute too. Actually I am wrapping green onion around my neck right now:D It because I have a sore throat..
    Keeping jewelry neat is always girl's concern, eh? I think the wooden box will be useful and stylish at the same time!! Can't wait to see the result!

  2. I love that jacket! I was considering working on that pattern but I just bought a spring jacket...maybe I'll make it up anyways!

  3. oh, the printer's drawer looks AMAZING. i had two old ones that i had to leave behind in a move, i think i paid 2 bucks for them... so sad.

    i love your WIP pic of the jacket, too- the color, and it's so interesting to see the unfinished bottom. makes a really great image!

  4. ich glaube nicht, dass die jacke 'nur' ok. aussehen wird, wenn sie fertig ist! über den status ist sie doch so schon hinaus!:)
    ich bin sehr gespannt auf dein - ja wie nennt man das denn? - schmuck-regal! :*

  5. Du hast einen tollen Blog! Die Ideen sind super und auch deine anderen Fundstücke und Inspirationen machen richtig Spaß. Ich bin als neue Leserin dabei!

  6. @Ophelia.K
    Thanks Kayo! And get well soon! I didn't know that wrapping green onion around the neck is good against a sore throat, but it sounds interesting! :)

  7. @MayMade
    Thank you. :) That is exactly, what I thought, too...because I have already made a bunch of jackets and still I could not resist to make one more. :D

  8. @oonaballoona
    2 bucks for printer's drawers? that was a really good deal! maybe you will find another one in the future. p.s.: thanks for that versatile blogger award! :)

  9. @Sarah
    hihi, danke dir. hab das gefühl, dass sie auf dem foto besser aussieht! :) aber das wird schon werden. drück dich!

  10. @Lili.
    Danke Lili für deinen Kommentar! Ich freue mich über jede neue Leserin! :D

  11. WOW, you're so productive!
    I love the "jewellery wardrobe" idea! ^^

  12. LOVE the jacket! So pretty!


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