Lucky discovery - BurdaModen 1971 May


Look what I found in our basement, which is definitely full of surprises and little treasuries! :)

Burda Moden from May 1971!
I don't know where this one comes from, as my mother did not live in Germany at that time. Maybe it has been a giveaway by another seamstress or something like that.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some really cute outfits  from this vintage issue.
I mean just look at this cover! This outfit is just so much fun with the huge glasses and the checked two-piece.

I love this simple dress made out of lace-like fabric. How cute is that little heart detail on the pocket?! But I guess, I would use less buttons. That is only until the skirt part starts. I am just not that much into making button holes. ;)

This dress is for the 'mature lady'. Come on!? I like it, am I really that old?! Did you know, that the old Burda issues did only prepare each pattern for one or two sizes? Most of them are relatively big, so if I would like to use them I will have to make a lot of alterations.

I adore the fabric they used for these two combinable pieces so much! Maybe I will try the left outfit, but that might depend on whether I will go on holiday this year or not. :)

So what do you think? Are the seventies wearable again or not so much, yet?


  1. This is very intersting:)

  2. ooooooooooooooh you are so lucky!!! right there in your basement?! and i love the mature lady dress. it appears burda always had whacked out descriptions, eh?

  3. das erinnert mich daran, dass ich vor kurzem ja auch eine von 1976 gefunden hab und ja mal mitgebracht haben wollte. :) das unten links find ich auch toll...so wie es aussieht musst du diesen sommer in den urlaub! ;)

  4. The first and third pics are quite cute, but I don't remember anyone (except maybe the mature ladies) wearing any of that stuff in 1971!

  5. Great find! I think seventies are much better than 80s and 90s... I have few Burdas from these years and the big shoulders are pretty horrible. I really love the lace dress. p.s. I found some of my childhood photos! :)

  6. Great find! I adore that lace dress.
    I have some 60's and 70's Burda issues as well and everytime I look at them I feel sad for how it has become in the last years...

  7. I envy you for having such an interesting basement! I wish I had a basement filled with vintage stuff :)
    I really love the third one on the right side. I should go to used bookshops to dig out some vintage issues of fashion magazines!! xoxo

  8. Love the lace dress, the 70's are totally this season! I personally love the 70's, I was born in them.

  9. @Sarah
    Hey, du hast recht! Du musst dir glaub ich mal ne Liste machen, was du alles ma mitbringen könntest! ;) Will ich auf jeden Fall noch sehen!

  10. @Paunnet
    I can only agree Anna. I have read your posts about every new BurdaStyle issue and think almost the same. There are no longer great pattern variations and some styles are really questionable. On the other hand I end up buying each issue aswell! :D

  11. @★Jewel★
    Oh, you do not need to envy me and you surely wouldn't if you knew our basement! ;) That was really just a very lucky discovery! :)

  12. @Minnietheminks
    Oh, you are lucky! :)...I was born in the mid 80s...which if one looks retrospectively weren't quite that fashionable! :D

  13. It´s nice remember old times. My mom used to sew me when I was young using burda I mean 38 years ago. Time pass so fast.

  14. In those days Burda was in German with an English supplement. As a teen I made loads of clothes from its patterns - my mum got it delivered every month.


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