Black vs. White: Me, myself &...where is the 'I'???

Today I woke up and somehow felt like this is going to be a good day...(though, I am still worried about the situation in Japan). Initially, I was in the mood to take photos of my latest sewing projects. As you see, I had the same printed fabric in converse colors. While the black one is more stiff, the white one is a light-weight elastic cotton. I made up two completely different styles. Here they are:

This is the first time I tried myself some photo editing! I have no idea how it really works, but I like the results. Looks like a photo story. Black dress girl saying: "Ooh, I think I got something on my blouse!"...White top girl jumping over while answering: "No prob! I will get you some cleaning tissues!" :)...haha...I know this is a lame story...


Isn't it funny, how the same person can look like two totally different personalities on photos? While the black dress girl seems to be more the uptight or reserved kind of girl, the white top girl looks definitely more fun!

Anyway, back to the projects. Following you can see some more details. I fell in love with this fabric as soon as I saw it and lucky me got it for only 3 Euro, because it was a leftover piece. I like the printed lace on the bottom. This is something I rarely find in my hometown fabric stores. The collar lace has been in my sewing cupboard for months already. I thought that it would match well with this design.

Second top is a twisted racerback loose fitting one. This pattern was very easy to draft on my own. Though I wish I would have made the bottom more loose. I saw the twisted back in an online shop and thought it to be very interesting.

Last but not least I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everybody who joined my or our fellow bloggers 'Japan relief' raffles. And, of course, also to all the people who donated somewhere else. My raffle is still on, so there is still some time for you to join in! I wish I could give this blouse to all of you, but unfortunately there can be only one winner, who will be chosen by random.org and announced on sunday.

I am also looking forward to make all those little presents for those who joined 'Pay it forward'...as soon as I finish them, I will get to those who participated and ask for your adresses.

Have a beautiful day girls and let us hope for the best.  ♥


  1. ha ha, this is fany:))) First I think, the other person is your sister!

  2. How awesome! I love the idea of making two completely different looks from similar fabrics.

  3. Awesome job! My favorite top is the black one, but I'm kinda obsessed with this colour and with lace.
    The editing was such a funny idea!

  4. How fun to make something nice like this in 2 colors! I love the way you modeled! SO beautiful and it's so neat that you made the back twisted on white one, and also little lace details on black one. They are completely in style!
    I am slightly getting back to my online world and am happy to see how people are helping Japan. Thank you so much!!!

  5. This is such a great idea, Nette! I love your photos! Your story is actually quite fun, in its own way :). Love your fabrics! The dark one reminds me of the fabric I made my blue skirt recently! :)

  6. Such a fun idea for photos. I love the black top. The lace collar is absolutely perfect for the print!

  7. I love the pictures, the theme reminds me very much of the two personalities in swan lake/ black swan, in a much less sinister way!. The tops are great also, fantastic score with the fabric!

  8. I'm speechless, love everything abt your post! mesmerized by your tops and the balance in everything, love the style, the red background, the approach...;)



  9. @Iveta
    hihi, I would love to have a sister! that would surely be a lot of fun! :)

  10. @Paunnet
    oh! it is good to know that you like lace and the color black! ... hihihi ... :D

  11. @Ophelia.K
    Thank you Kayo! And welcome back! <3

  12. @Molly Katherine
    Thank you Molly! Oh, I have seen black swan, too! That movie was really scary to me! ;)

  13. @magdamagda
    Thanks Magda! I don't even really know how that idea evolved...I just kind of woke up and knew, that I will have to present these dresses together...but as I am missing another model AND a photographer I had to somehow do it myself! :)

  14. I love the black one! You look so pretty in them both!

  15. Looking at it, I feel like the black is more my style, but I'd love to try making something like the white one. It really does look very fun!


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