7 facts about me & some childhood photos

Oh, I have been rewarded twice with the 'stylish blogger' and once with the 'versatile blogger' award in the last days. I feel really flattered! Thank you Carly, Ophelia and Oonaballoona (who all have wonderfully inspiring blogs, too! So please have a look!!!) for having chosen me.
The rules of these awards are to write 7 interesting facts about oneself and choose seven blogs, which should receive this award in my opinion.

1. On the left you see what I looked like a long, long time ago. :)

2. I cannot lick the wooden stick of an ice cream...

3. I have been together with my boyfriend for almost nine years.

4. I cannot choose only one style of fashion. Is that bad? I mean, often you read, that one should stick to one style. I just cannot choose.

5. I am in bad temper the days before full moon (then I have that critical facial expression like in the 2nd photo all the time).

6. I love riding my bike.

7. Nobody understands, but I love watching Columbo, starring Peter Falk as Lieutenant always wearing that rumpled, dirty coat & talking about his beloved wife (that no one ever sees). He is a genius! ;)

Here are the seven blogs, I would award (though I could write down plenty of blogs!):

Joining Oonaballoona and Jorth I want to share some more photos of my childhood. :D

Big, clean and content.

Want your kids to keep calm? - Put them in front of the television.  ;)

The king and his jester.

The three investigators on a difficult mission.                                                                                                                                                                    -  No, of course they can swim, the swim rings are just part of their secret weapons...


So how about yours? I am curious to see more childhood photos!


  1. ich bin immer wieder hin und weg wenn ich kinderfotos von dir sehe! wirklich, du warst so ein unglaublich süßes kleines mädchen <3<3<3
    und dankeschön für den award ^_^ ich muss meinen blog so langsam wirklich mal reanimieren!!

  2. mein herzallerliebster freund fand meinen kommentar ein wenig missverständlich formuliert, deswegen hier eine kleine klarstellung:
    du "warst" so ein süßes kleines mädchen, und "bist jetzt" wunderhübsch!
    so ;)

  3. Oh my god! You're (were) so cute!! I love the third from the bottom:D I can see you in the last picture:) Feminine Annette appeared:)
    I might look for my pictures a well. It's really fun to think back your own life, eh? Thanks for the 7 things a bout you. I think you don't have to stick with one style at all. Variety is good;)

  4. By the way, I wondered the reply button on each comment a new function of blogger? I really want one! It would save so much time to reply for each person. Could you kindly tell me how to add it?

  5. @MeikeVanessa
    hihi, dein freund nimmt es aber sehr genau! ;) das ist mir beim ersten lesen gar nicht aufgefallen! :D danke diiiiir!

  6. @Ophelia.K
    Thank you Kayo! That photo is my favorite, too. I look hilariously funny! :D
    Looking through old photos make one remember lots of things, one has not thought about for years. Definitely something one should do much more often!
    I would love to see your photos!!!

  7. oh your photos are WONDERFUL! i love the king and his jester, the water spies... and your matching outfit for your pink tire swing. even then, you were fashionable!

    i laughed out loud at the wooden ice cream stick.

    i'm curious about your "reply" buttons too, are they a blogger widge?

  8. What cute childhood photos!

    I also have a love for Columbo! Glad to know that we're not alone! :)

  9. I like to watch Columbo too! It's classic! He is sometimes kinda creepy though, but he is genius for sure;) "Oh just one more thing..."

    Do you watch Monk? I love that show!

  10. Haha, another Columbo fan here :). Although I haven´t seen it in a very long time...
    So you have an older brother? Your pictures are cool! Mine are unfortunatelly somewhere in my parents´ house and in my brother´s flat...

  11. I love your photos! I love Columbo too :) I bought the dvd box set last year and have watched it lots!

  12. Total cutie! And, yes, something about licking the stick of an icy pole totally grosses me out!

  13. What a sweet post. I'm like you, I can't always stick to one particular "style". I just dress by mood :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

    That Girl in Pearls

  14. hi! thank you for the award! :) and thanks so much for the message! im okay! it was really scary though. biggest earthquake ive experienced in my life!

  15. Loved this post! The photos are so cute - the one in the swimming pool made me laugh out loud. :)


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